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A tourney is a sport comprised of three different events and the person with the most points in total across all events is the winner. First there is jousting, second is melee and third is archery.


Tourneys have been around in one shape or another since the Age of Creation. Some of the events used to be different and the rules have been altered to fit in modern times. When tourneys were first created, they were life or death matches where killing your opponents was allowed if not expected. Now only blunted weapons are allowed and although injuries and accidents still occur, deliberately killing your opponents is prohibited and considered murder.   At the beginning, tourneys were created as a form of duel but for groups of people - mostly nobles - who were feuding about something or other. It later turned into a sport to replace gladiatorial games which were becoming old as they involved brute strength more than the skill people wished to see. Rich people then started training slaves and criminals in the elements required for tourneys to entertain bloodthirsty crowds in new ways.   It wasn't long after tourneys became a sport in gladiator arenas that death matches became illegal, however, and that was when another overhaul was made. Instead of buying and training slaves, rich and noble people were once more entering tourneys as participants but now with money as a buy in rather than their lives.


First up in a tourney is jousting. Competitors are divided up in pairs, first by adding their tokens in a bag and blindly choosing them. Then if they beat the person they're pitted against they move onto the next round where they're paired against another who won the first round and so on. The same is done later for the melee. Everyone is given points based on how well they do in the jousting and how far they come in the brackets. The people who get eliminated in the first round get zero points.   For the melee the brackets and the point system are the same. All the competitors have to use the same standard blunted sword and shield in the melee to make it fair.   Archery is the last part of the tourney and the only event not done in brackets. All competitors get three chances to hit each target and point values are assigned to the targets based on how far away they are and how close the arrows come to hitting the bull's eye.   When all events are over, the points for each round are added together and first, second and third place are awarded to the three competitors with the most amount of points in all events combined.


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