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The Wolfrat Clan

This clan of goblins resides in a southern part of Ankare Island in Euhukoa Empire. More specifically, they live at the foot of a mountain near a river and a big expanse of grasslands. More than a hundred goblins belong to the Wolfrat Clan and as they have a tendency to die young, their numbers are kept up by an almost alarming birth rate.


Culture and cultural heritage

This clan has always placed a big importance on showing strength and unity. Their way of doing this is to go on raids against other clans or settlements and trying to instigate wars. This culture of violence has been the clan's main focus for almost a thousand years and as such it is rare for any of the members to die of old age. When they're not sending out raiding parties or warring against other clans, the Wolfrat Clan spends a lot of time fighting each other.   Every goblin over the age of eight in the clan belongs to one of the raiding groups. Despite the name, not all of them actually go out to raid other settlements. They are still called raiding groups because anything else would call attention to weakness and no one belonging to the clan can be allowed to be seen as weak.

Coming of Age Rites

They arrange big pit fights every year for young goblins who have not yet been assigned to a raiding group. Every clan member is expected to join one of the raiding groups shortly after reaching maturity.   Not everyone survives the initial pit fight but no one is supposed to mourn for them. They are considered to have never been born and their bodies are used as feed for the wolves and rats raised by the clan. If a family member or friend protests this, they are also given to the wolves. After the first pit fight, there's two to four more depending on the number of goblins participating that year. This is to ensure that all of them get sorted to the right raiding group.


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