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Silverwind Palace

This grandiose building sits close to the eastern edge of Imperos, the capital of the Euhukoa empire, and near Sky Sanctum. Its tall spires can be seen from anywhere in the city and they are the first thing to be seen by travellers to the city.

Purpose / Function

The palace serves as a home for Empress Irixis and her closest advisers. It is also utilised for diplomatic and political meetings, religious ceremonies dedicated to Bahamut, and as the headquarters for the leaders of The Mender's Guild.


The style of the palace is reminiscent of something you would see in an illustrated book of fairy tales, with five tall spires and numerous sculptures and reliefs decorating the outside. It is constructed mainly with a pale granite with an almost silver hue in certain lights. The spires were made out of a lighter stone and embossed with fine silver detailing as decoration. Windows are numerous and in the ceremonial and less private areas of the castle they go from floor to ceiling. Many of the ground floor's windows are made with stained glass and depict motifs such as dragons in flight, variations of the sky during different times of the day and during clear and overcast weather, and last but not least a large depiction of Bahamut.   While all of it is stunning, most notable is the large glass dome that sits atop the palace, nestled between the spires. The dome is held by arched silver beams that always shine as if newly polished.


Silverwind Palace was built to be the home of Empress Irixis, the first and so far only ruler of the Euhukoa Empire. She was the driving force of uniting Euhukoa into one empire rather than separate nations and tribes scattered across the islands. It was never her ambition to become an empress but she suspected that if she did not take up the mantle, the people would soon separate and become hostile to one another once more.   When she was officially named empress the part of the population who were happy to have a new ruler immediately started making plans to build a grand palace for her to live in. Empress Irixis tried to refuse, saying that she wanted to live like her people but her advisers strongly opposed and so she agreed to have it built. The construction took several years and was finally complete year 1285 of the Age of Awakening.


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