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Cursed to lose their wings, voices and creativity, the race is generally seen as bad luck by others and most upstanding folk would avoid them at all costs. Through this stigma most kenku either live in flocks in the wilds, avoiding other people, or work for those who don't believe in the superstition surrounding them.

Basic Information


Looking a lot like humanoid birds without wings, kenku stand upright on two legs with bird-like feet and claws. They have two arms with hands that do have opposable thumbs but are otherwise bird-like in appearance with claws instead of fingernails. Their skull is like that of a bird, ending with a long beak.

Biological Traits

A kenku reaches maturity at about twelve years old and they can live until they are about sixty years old. They are around five feet tall as adults and weigh between 90 to 120 pounds. There are no discernible differences in height and weight between sexes.

Genetics and Reproduction

They lay eggs.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They are unable to speak other than mimicking things they have heard, so their names are often things they hear in nature such as an animal call, leaves rustling in the wind or the sound of running water in a creek. However, if they live among other races they are often given new names or nicknames as they don't have the ability to make the sounds that kenku do.


As the legend goes, the kenku once served a powerful entity on another plane of existence. One day they betrayed their master who decided to take away their wings, voices and creativity before banishing them to the material plane. Since then the kenku have always had a longing to be able to fly again but few ever achieve that goal as their lack of creativity limits them greatly.
60 years
Average Height
5 feet
Average Weight
90-120 pounds


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