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Goliath Courting

The goliaths are a proud race that often live in harsh and inhospitable environments. Because of that it's important to them that each member of their tribe is strong and can contribute something that will ensure their survival.   Most tribes are quite small and nomadic but once a year during midsummer all the tribes that wander gather at one place and form a tent city for a month or so. During this time the unmarried goliaths of appropriate age get the chance to meet each other and see if they can find their match.   Since survival is the strongest factor there isn't any focus on love. Instead goliaths of a marrying age are encouraged to find a partner that will make up for things that they lack. For example, if someone is strong but not very wise they might be encouraged to find someone with agility and wisdom. Or if someone is a good cook but not good at hunting or gathering ingredients they should find a partner who is. This way hopefully their children will get the best from both parents, creating a stronger tribe in the future.   The month passes by with many games and tests of skill in various areas. Not only unmarried goliaths take part in trials but they have markings signifying if they are available for courtship or not. Then, at the end of the month, the goliaths who have found a match discuss which tribe they are going to follow once they get married and what their future together should look like. This often results in huge fights and loud arguments and some couples end up parting at that stage, choosing to wait another year to find a partner. Sometimes they end up choosing each other again the following year when they've had time to reflect and make other decisions.   The couples that do stay together get married in one large ceremony during the final day before it is time for the tribes to move on to different locations. A wise elder, a priest or a druid will perform the ritual to bind the couples together in marriage.


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