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Carpet of Flying

With its beautiful colours and designs combined with the rarity and high price, the carpet of flying is undoubtedly the most stylish mode of transportation in Arbressian. It may not be the most practical or the fastest but no one can deny that flying carpets are really cool.   They come in four different sizes with four different speeds and weight capacities. The smallest one is three by five feet, can carry 200 pounds with a fly speed of eighty feet in six seconds or it can carry 400 pounds at half speed. The largest is six by nine feet and can travel thirty feet in six seconds whilst carrying up to 800 pounds.   More than one person can fit on the larger varieties but it is more comfortable with fewer people travelling on it at a time. To travel on one in the most comfortable and stylish fashion would be to be alone on one of the medium sized carpets laying down with a pillow under one's head.   To come by a carpet of flying for sale is extremely rare. It is seldom that an enchanter has the skill required to make one and even then they'd have to find and buy a well woven carpet and the other supplies required. Most don't find it worth the effort considering the high cost of the production. If they are made it is more likely to be on request of someone with a lot of money.   Old carpets of flying are often passed down through families for many generations and are a source of pride for those who own them. Some carpets have been stolen from families in the past and never recovered.

Power Generation

It is powered by magic.
Magic carpet, fly rug, throw rug, fancy blanket
12000 - 15000 gp
Very rare
30-80 feet
Complement / Crew
The carpet of flying is controlled by the person who utters the magic word, following spoken commands.


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