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An almiraj is a large breed of rabbit and easy to distinguish from other breeds by the one foot long horn spiralling out from its forehead. Despite their size, they are quick and nimble and excellent at hiding.   They are very sought after as pets but because of their elusive nature and being notoriously difficult to domesticate, it is rare and very expensive to buy one. However, there are some who have been successful in breeding them in captivity and subsequently become very rich from selling the kits, though not all of those born in captivity turn out to be good pets. Almiraj can do serious damage with their horns and if not handled properly they could even end up killing their owners.

Additional Information


In the rare cases that domestication of almiraj is successful it involves building a lot of trust. If someone simply catches it in a trap and takes it home, it will never accept living in someone's home. There are cases where the captured almiraj will run into the cage walls or any obstacle and break its own neck.   Instead to domesticate an almiraj you must first find an area which they frequent. Place down some vegetables or rare greenery that will catch their interest in a spot where they will feel it is safe to eat. Then wait quite a far distance away without making any sudden movements. Eventually an almiraj may come out to eat the offered treats. Repeat this process, waiting a little bit closer to the food each time, until the food is right next to you. When the almiraj come out to eat, do not touch them or make any sudden moves. If you do they will either attempt to pierce you with their horn or run away.   You have to wait until the almiraj approaches you and sniffs at you and initiate contact. This could take weeks or months depending on the almiraj in question. Sometimes it's just one, sometimes it is several, but you have to make sure to respect all of them - just because one has approached you it doesn't make it okay to touch another one.   Once you are able to handle the almiraj, you can place the food in a basket or cage with things that smell like your home. Let the almiraj get used to being inside of it without closing the exit in any way. Then you can try securing it and carry it back with you and if it likes you enough it will accept it. If it starts to panic, set it back on the ground and allow it to leave and work on gaining its trust again.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The almiraj have excellent vision and hearing to help them evade predators. They do have some sight in the dark, limited to about thirty feet.
9 years in the wild. 12-15 years domesticated.


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