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Gharallain Berserks

Many years ago, the ranks of the Berserks was made of the strongests, most unstable men of the Gharall Empire, however, as time has gone on, the wizards of Gharall have repeatidly experimented on the members of the regiment. Originally, rumours were that before they entered battle, the soldiers of the Berserks would consume special mushrooms that would remove fear from their hearts. Now, they are something else entirely.   First there were more and more effective potions and tonics, that would reduce the feeling of pain, increase their aggression and strength.   Soon, arcanely summoned and grafted muscle was fixed to recruits, magical helms forged that would focus them purely on combat, the potions were no longer drank before the battle but pumped into thier bodies. Their minds broken so they knew nothing of fear or pain or anything other than being unleashed on the enemies of the empire.   When not in combat, they are put to sleep via a spell stone implanted in the armour that can be activated by the units leader. They are kept asleep until it is once again time for them to be put out to slaughter the enemies of the empire.



There are currently around 500 of the new, magically changed, Beserks. Due to their effectiveness and brutallity, and to make it easier to coral them back after deployment, they are usually deployed in squads of five, with a Centurion to lead them.


Each of the Berserks is clad in light armour, their resistance to pain means they need nothing more. They wear black leathers with red pauldrons. The mark of the Berserk is their Berserker Helm, a magical item that makes them forget everything that is not fighting their enemies and puts great pressure and pain on them if they stop fighting.


Most berserks will fight either with two serrated edged hand axes or with a huge greataxe.


When deployed, they will charge at the nearest living thing that is not from the Gharall Empire. The are unable to stop themselves from attacking anything that lives in their path. They will pay no heed to battle order or greater strategy and move forward to kill as fast as possible.
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