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Personages of Wamper's

Something in the water

  Beyond the First Cohort, Wamper's Feast is known for having a wealth of talented personages who call the infamous village home. Whilst the success of The Court of Eyes experiments in planar shifting resulted in Wamper's arrival in Arborea being marked as the start of a new era, Wamper's infamy could have easily arisen from the sheer concentration of power and talent that came from one small village.   Other that Fberex the Orchastre, Misty Marten, and Tall Balrama, other personages have a direct connection to the First Cohort, for good or ill.  

Stillman Jane

  Leader of the Grove of the Waving Sheaf, Stillman Jane used to coordinate and guide druids for hundreds of miles around Wamper's in the Original Plane. Primarily known for its vibrant apple orchards and fertile farmland, Wamper's harvest bounties were often thought the product of good druidic practices and harmony with nature, a reputation that Stillman did little to dissuade, bringing him into conflict with the Marten family whose hidden fey heritage was, arguably, equalled as responsible for the fervent land.   After the Shifting, Stillman's role changed dramatically, moving the druids from a pastoral to an offensive focus. Stillman contributed to the defence of the village, holding the aggressive jungle at bay, while his druids bore the cost of Escalon's Wrath, even as their sacrifice ultimately saved the village. Nowdays, Stillman guides new druids and members of the Dormant Generation, in consultation with the shamans of the Infrinniki.  

Garwen Gonkol

  A former mercenary and city guard, Garwen semi-retired to Wamper's Feast in the Original Plane, accepting a part-time role of the leader of the town militia. A long-time admirer of the simplicity of Wamper's, the town having been on his patrol route, Garwen was expecting a rustic life of tending to his cottage farm, raising a handful of goats, and teaching the local lads and lasses which end of the spear was the pointy one.   The Shifting upended this vision, bringing his role into sharper focus. Garwen, along with his 2IC Jasper Hastethorn, secured the town while the First Cohort ranged afield uncovering the nest of Shadowfae that eventually led to their realm-shattering fate. Garwen's sturdy and no-nonsense organisation of the town's militia coupled perfectly with the then-mayor Hutton Hank's reassuring and calm presence to ensure the inter-planar refugees felt safe and protected.   Garwen's role remains the same today - drilling the upcoming generations in basic self-defence and, since Hutton's disappearance, acting as the de-facto leader of the village.  

Tilton Pax

  Born in Wamper's, Tilton Pax is driven more than most by the events on the night of the Shifting. Childhood friends with the Goory Sisters and Alma Tamp, Tilton became scared at their dare to visit the Timber Mill during the final night of Tradefest. While their plan to scamper to the top of the Mill to watch the fireworks seemed like a relatively harmless idea, the Shifting turned this childish dare into a life threatening disaster. Tilton vividly remembers when the First Cohort returned with a subdued Alma and Katie, and Benita's lifeless body. From that day forward, his life was defined by guilt.   Driven by this guilt, he searched for greater meaning, convinced the Shifting meant more than just war. Aided by Tall and Misty growing up, Tilton was among the first to hear the return of Urliant, The Eternal Shelter, the great elder treant who fell during the Arborean War. Now Tilton administers to his small but growing flock of believers who wait patiently for the return of the Eternal Shelter.  

The Goory Sisters

  Katie and Benita Goory were the darling twins of the prominent, if somewhat fiscally limited, Goory family, long-time locals of Wamper's. Downtrodden yet proud, the Goory's claim to be among the first settlers of the area in the Original Plane. As twins, the Goory sisters were adventurous and bold, each encouraging the other to feats of childish daring. When Benita was unable to be saved by the First Cohort, people feared the worse for Katie.   Instead, Katie insisted to her grieving family that she was still in contact with Benita. Forgiven for thinking the claim a denial of grief, Katie was proven more than correct when the First Cohort entered the Old Mill and descended into the nightmarish realm of Purdi Grunt, the Night Hag. Here, the First Cohort managed to save both Goory sisters, albeit Benita returned a lot more incorporeal than previous. Now, with Katie running the mill and a jewellery business, Benita accompanies her sister as a temperamental though accurate ghostly seer.  

Alma Tamp

  Unlike the Goory sisters and Tilton Pax, Alma Tamp never found a settled life following the Shifting. Instead, with her guilt and fear running rampant, she became aggressive and abusive, often the ringleader of a group of children responsible for harming members of the emerging Dormant Generation.  

Old Man Greckle

  After being rescued by the First Cohort from the realm of Purdi Grunt, Old Man Greckle solidered on with the mill until poor memory, bad knees, and increasing agoraphobia restricted him to the inn. Now, he occupies a cherished place as Wamper's resident storyteller and Arborean historian, despite never having left Wamper's. For all his scatterbrain approach to storytelling, he is remarkably well informed on events of the Arborean War.  

Jasper Hastethorn

  Formerly a city watchmen in the nearby city of Westport, Jasper Hastehtorn followed his compariot Garwen Gonkol into semi-retirement in Wamper's following one too many encounters with an increasingly thriving criminal underground. Sharing an amicable custody with his former Westport paramour Aylena Tristen, Jasper was entertaining his child Clarissa when the Shifting occurred.   With Clarissa falling ill and the town under threat, Jasper assisted the druids to heal both his daughter and his town. During the War, Jasper and Garwen worked closely with the remaining members of the Grove of the Waving Sheaf to shield Arborea from the ravages of the realm-wide conflict. Jasper's proficiency and skill earned him immense respect and the ear of the village - many still follow his cautious approach to conflict resolution even now, most notably with the menacing green dragon Escalon-pol.



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