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The Lovers

Sirgil Dustion and Jaelle Siella

Sirgil and Jaelle, a mothman and a young lightling woman, reached enlightenment after the Hushing Hand society of Dânmaer hunted them down and killed them in front of a massive audience to scare the dwarven population into submission. The two lovers were advocates for interracial coupling, being interracial lovers themselves. After they publicly showed their everyday life and wrote about their experiences in a commonly known newspaper, many couples facing the same issues came forward and protested for their rights as lovers, parents and family members. In the country of Lorla, this helped enormously with interracial families' rights. While the mortal races formed closer connections and learned to use the new information as a source of strength, the nobility of the dwarven kingdom feared to lose their status by mixing immortal with mortal blood. Therefore, the Hushing Hand society was tasked to get rid of the lovers and secure the dwarven society as much as they could. Sirgil's and Jaelle's assassination happened during a speech in one of the largest taverns of central Dânmaer. While the couple talked about the political and societal development in Lorla, they were killed by sharpened stone arrows, killing them both instantly. Every dwarf that attended their event were blackmailed to never tell anyone where and how exactly they died, until a dwarven refugee opened up about it during a talk with Pa'axi hundreds of years later. The Lovers were soon turned into celestials as they died and since became beloved members of Aeva's council. To this day, they have the largest following among the Omni, yet are the unwisest and most naive of the council, due to their early demise and romantic, unreflected ideas of life.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sirgil and Jaelle were born in the small town of Corcovah and Lemdaux Village. They first met during a joined schooltrip during middle school and were immediately smitten with each other once they started talking. Due to their somewhat shy but gentle demeanor, they warmed up to each other quite quickly. Especially Sirgil felt magically drawn to her. It didn't take long for the mothboy to ask her out. They started dating first year into high school and were inseparable from then on. They got married in their first year studying in Camorand and quickly started supporting interracial dating events in the local taverns. This new trend spread like wild fire and 'The Lovers' were soon surrounded by followers of all kinds. People liked them for their authenticity and easy-going nature and they were often asked for advice and public speeches and courses until their assassination a few years later. To this day, they are missed dearly by friends and family.


Sirgil and Jaelle were both openly bisexual, if not 'omnisexual'. They were open to other races and appreciated the beauty and company of others, before they found each other. After their wedding, they often openly shared thoughts of beauty and attraction, but never flirted with others. Instead, their absence of flirting with others resulted in sometimes uncomfortable levels of PDA with each other.


The Lovers are well-educated in theology (knowledge about the Aevan council) and language. Many of their followers appreciated them for being able to translate their speeches into nearly all common languages of Lorla and the immortal realms, making them incredibly valuable as missionaries and diplomats.


Early followers of Sirgil know that he had worked as barkeep for nearly five years before he was killed. Jaelle had worked at a farm and café in Lemdaux for a while, helping with the animals and later working as a waitress for the elderly and families coming to the establishment. They were both well-known for their good nature and friendliness, making them quite the power couple when you met them in each other's company.


In their presence (and in the presence of their cult) it's strictly forbidden to mention divorce or the Hushing Hand. Since they believe in eternal love, they think of divorcees as quickstoppers who aren't worthy of the love given to them. The Hushing Hand remains a difficult topic after what happened to them... They didn't swear revenge, but they are disappointed in the dwarven kingdom accomodating to the orders wants and needs when they have nothing else to do but prevent people from being happy.


The Lovers

saviors and close friends (Vital)

Towards Pa'axi




saved and close friend (Important)

Towards The Lovers




Sirgil and Jaelle have been the first celestials to encounter Pa'axi. They helped her reach enlightenment after Pa'axi was about to fall into madness and got her back on her feet. Even though they only have her best interest in mind, Pa'axi feels smothered by them, since they treat her like a child, even though Sirgil and Jaelle appear to have died younger than she did, making them look like adolescents in contrast to Pa'axi's mature appearance.

Nicknames & Petnames

For Sirgil and Jaelle:
Lovers, Lovedoves, Twinflames   For Pa'axi: Little Bug, Chichi, Peachy

Aeva Prithalis

mentor and leader (Important)

Towards The Lovers



The Lovers

student and companion (Vital)

Towards Aeva Prithalis




When Sirgil and Jaelle were chosen to be enlightened, they both had problems adjusting to their new lives. Aeva immediately took care of them. She taught them how to behave and what rules to adhere to and soon became a motherly figure for them. Even though they look the same age, it is more than obvious that Aeva is wise beyond her years, making Sirgil and Jaelle two of her most loyal followers.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Good
Current Location
22 and 21
Circumstances of Death
Killed by the Hushing Hand
Corcovah and Lemdaux Village
Place of Death
Dânmaer City
Current Residence
he/him (Sirgil), she/her (Jaelle), they/them (the Lovers)
male and female
man and woman
silvery gray, almond shaped, open eyes | bright blue, round, sparkling eyes with long lashes
silvery white sleek hair shoulder length with spikes and waves to the side | golden blonde waves that reach to her hips
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
both are quite fair and pale with a tiny rose mark on their foreheads
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Elvish, Dwarvish
  • Orcish
  • Fairo (Common)
  • Krawkish (Featherfolk)
  • Celestial/Aevan
  • Klicksta (Insectfolk, especially mothpeople and the like)
  • ...and more

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