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The Tunnel Watch

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Tunnel Watch is a unit of Ancient Halfling warriors tasked with patrolling and defending the lower and outer levels of the arcology. Most are followers of Avor, the God of guardians, defense, and watchfulness; or his companion Edar, the lesser God of Shelter.


They train in the use of ranged weapons such as the sling, sling staff, short bows, etc. As well as melee weapons such as clubs, hammers, maces, and short swords. Many are also specialists in traps, stealth, and guerrilla tactics. 


Many of their tunnels have built-in secret doors and bulkheads that can seal tunnels, trapdoors, pit traps, and areas rigged for roof collapse. There are even murder holes in the walls and ceilings to shoot through. 



There are 12 people in each team. There are 10 teams in each unit, so they can be rotated around each of the tunnels 24 hours a day, with 4 extra teams for support, and 4 more in reserve.


Each person is responsible for his own gear which includes his uniform, armor, weapons (ranged and melee), and survival gear. They have 4 of everything so they can be rotated. A full kit would include armor and shield, weapons, a mess kit, rations, water, traveler clothes, a repair kit, an everburning torch, flint, and steel, and a first-aid kit, dungeoneering, and a pathfinder kit. 


A specialist would need the required gear on top of what is required for special missions, and other items can be swapped out as required,


One each Captain, Lieutenant, Master Sergeant, and 9 Sergeants per team. A Major is in charge of a company of 4 teams, a Colonel is over 4 companies or a unit, and the army commander is a General or Force Commander.


They use shock tactics, or ambushing and traps.



When in garrison they are supported by cooks, laundry, tailors, hospitallers, etc; but in the field they have to take care of all of it themselves.


Their upkeep is not much more than living at home except for repairing their equipment, because they continually stay in the Arcology. They often rotate through different housing depending on where they are stationed.


Every adult is required to serve in some way. It could be with the medics, various service fields, or the military. Even after your service, you can be called up if needed.


Historical loyalties

The Governer of the Arcology.
Special Forces
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation

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Dec 19, 2023 21:18 by Marc Zipper

Cool unit I love that they use the tunnel to their advantage having secret passes away his tunnels and traps all over it

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