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Sky Dancer Birth Ritual

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Sky Dancers* are one of the few groups in the Skylands Continent that still follow the old rituals for the birth of their children.


Not many follow this tradition anymore. Most people of the Skylands are more interested in technology than following the Old Gods. Quetzal is all but forgotten, except by the Sky Dancers.


This depends on the Cleric/Priest of Quetzal. The most common is described below.


When the child is born, cleaned, and introduced to its mother then father. An hour after the family makes sure the child is healthy, the Cleric of Quetzal is called. He/She inspects the child, takes him outside to the highest point on the ship, presents him to the sky and places him in a woven basket with high sides.

The child stays in the basket for 24 hours, if the child survives, is given a name, tested for arcane/divine ability, and a mentor/godfather is chosen. If the child survives, a birth festival is proclaimed that often lasts a week or more.


Devout followers of this tradition, follow all of the above to the letter. It sounds very strict and it is, but those of weak constitution don’t survive very long on the air currents. So those that are tested early, are less of a drain on society. 

Components and tools

The basic components are the priestly vestments, incense, the basket and the child. More can be added depending on how much pomp and ceremony the priest likes to show.


Usually only the cleric and parents are there as the ceremony is performed. Attendance afterwords, depends on who the family wants to attend. This can be just the godfather, extended family, the whole ship, and up to the whole clan. 

The key roles are performed by the cleric, godfather and parents.


This rite is performed an hour after birth. Although, some tribes perform it on the next full moon.
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