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Written by Pookas Kreations

A Prince is a male of the royal family that is either the first in line to inherit from the king or in the case of multiple sons, the firstborn is called the Royal Prince and the others just Prince.  In some countries the Prince is the highest rank, so would be the monarch. This often depends on the size of the Kingdom to those around it. During the lifetime of the King, the first-born was given a certain area of the kingdom to act as a ruler. His Chamberlain usually acts as his tutor to teach the Prince how to rule, and other skills he will need to know as King.   From a young age, they would have formal instruction on the manners and customs of being a royal person. He would have various royal tutors that taught them various martial arts, outdoor activities such as horse riding, hunting, and others; as well as statesmanship, laws, cartography, tactics, writing, math, etc. Often the young Prince was either being trained as a military commander, or at least an officer for the younger sons.    The husband of a ruling Queen, is also called the Prince Consort. He can't rule in his own right, but only by her favor. This rank can't be inherited, although their first-born will inherits it. In some countries, once an heir is fathered, he is awarded the title of King.


Heir to the current or previous ruler.


Heir to the current or previous ruler.


His duties included ensuring the sovereignty of his state and the welfare of his people.


He can be sent as an ambassador, representing the King/Queen at official events, establish charities, negotiate treaties, represent unity, highlight achievements, emphasize the importance of service, etc.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
His royal highness, your highness
Source of Authority
Reports directly to

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