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NG Medium humanoid (aquatic, animalfolk)

Written by Pookas Kreations

Lutra live on Hyna Beatha, she is covered in mountains, cliffs, forests, rivers and streams. This playful race is evolved from the giant sea otter. They live in nomadic tribes and are cooperative hunters. Lutra prefer to live in sheltered caves, commonly in cliffs, but often are found in aquatic (underwater) caves in temperate to arctic waters.

Basic Information


Lutras are of the basic humanoid type with the addition of a tail. They are tall and slim, and rarely tend toward fat.

Biological Traits

They are a medium-sized race of humanoid otters with brown hair and eyes.

Genetics and Reproduction

They live in large groups of mostly related individuals. All help raise the young of the group. Females give birth year round, with a gestation period of 65-70 days. Her litters can vary between 1-5 pups with 2 as the average.

Growth Rate & Stages

Young open their eyes in about 1 month, begin walking a week or so later, and are able to swim confidently around 3 months old. They are weaned in nine months and begin hunting successfully soon after. Lutra reach sexual maturity at around 10-12 years old and both male and females often leave the group permanently after two to three years to search for new territory to create a Holt of their own.

Ecology and Habitats

Any temperate water (fresh or salt). Lutra often build dens in cliffs or river banks with many entrances/exits.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Lutra mostly eat aquatic plants and animals. Favorites foods are fish, shrimp, crabs, etc. They love Hot-root (horse radish) and Shrimp Soup.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Their society is like a combination of Pacific Islanders, Eskimo and Jamaicans. They are a very laid back people, but when needed work with a will; very vocal, love singing and music; communal, everything is shared. Like to barter and use shells for currency.

Facial characteristics

Lutra have a broad head, small ears, large nose and a short face. Their noses and ears are able to seal to keep water out.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Any temperate water.

Average Intelligence

Lutra are of average intelligence.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Lutra have lowlight vision, whiskers (sense vibrations underwater, granting them blindsense), keen senses (give them a +2 racial bonus on Perception), and know direction (always know north and direction of their Holt).

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Childhood names are often chosen for humorous things that happen, when adulthood comes the parents talk to the community to choose an appropriate name.

Beauty Ideals

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some prefer dreadlocks, tattoos, fur coloring or tail lines.

Gender Ideals

Males and females are treated equally with no preference either way. The whole community raises children and shares in all chores.

Courtship Ideals

The male often initiates courtship by presenting handmade or natural gifts, if this is accepted they then proceed with songs, poems or dancing.

Relationship Ideals

A friendly, loving and honorable partner that shares in all duties equally. A good provider.

Average Technological Level

Lutra are still a mostly tribal society. They are skilled at boat-building, fishing and tool making for both. Their lives are comfortable, so they don't see the need for improvement. Oral tradition is preferred over books, as well as artists of any kind. There are many artists, singers, musicians, and magic users.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Lutr, but Badgen, Mer and common are also spoken.

Common Etiquette Rules

The are a friendly, loving, generous and honorable people.

Common Dress Code

They don't see the need for extravagant clothes, preferring kilts, loincloths, vests, shirt, skirts or any combination. In cold weather they may add a cloak.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Lutra have a long history of fishing, trading and exploration. As a whole, this nomadic people live communally and share everything.

Serious crime rarely happens. They have never started a war, but if it comes they won't shirk their responsibility to protect their own.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

They raid each others villages, but it is for sport (counting coup) and a way of exchanging brides. Other tribes hold yearly sporting evens in the spring for this purpose.

Common Taboos

Killing for the sake of killing, cruelty, and stealing.


The Lutra were created when a group of Sea Otters swam through the field of a Wild Magic storm. This began their rapid evolution to their humanoid form. They gained a more developed brain, muscles and bones lengthened and strengthened, and they gained speech. Their fur and tail changed proportionally.

Lutra originally came from Animus, the land of the Awakened Animals.

Common Myths and Legends

The majority of the tribes worship the primal egg (like lizardfolk) or the World Turtle.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Badgen are their allies, as well as many aquatic races. They are friendly with most nations except Dracoria, Lemuria, Teranik and Atlantia.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Enhydra lutris
There are many variations of Lutra, common differences are in fur color and markings.
60 years
Average Height
5-6 ft
Average Weight
140-200 lbs
Average Physique
They have lean, but well-muscled bodies, that is flexible and strong.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Colors range from light brown to reddish, gray or black; some tribes also scar or tattoo themselves.

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Author's Notes

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