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Essence of Ambrosia

Written by Pookas Kreations

This is an alchemical essence of the honey from Sunbees that live in Skyhome in the Skylands Continent. The crystallized, powdered honey captures the sun's fiery essence and symbolizes purification and transformation. It is used with reverence, respecting its connection to light and energy.


If you put it outside in the midday sun for one hour, it will infuse it with the sun's power. This essence is not meant for direct consumption. Instead, add a pinch to food, drinks, or even sachets worn close to the body. As you use it, visualize the sun's fire cleansing and transforming, the moon's magic enhancing, and the honey bringing joy and intuition. Remember, the true power lies in your intention and belief that the alchemical transformation is taking place.


This is used to sweeten food on holy days.

Manufacturing process

Harvest, filter, dry, powder, and bottle the honey.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Owning Organization
uncommon to rare
1 oz
Base Price
10 gp
Raw materials & Components
Crystallized powdered honey, and the bottle it comes in.
Drying rack, mortar, and pestle.

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