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Written by Pookas Kreations

Some of the Astralus chose to become mortal again to bear the next generation to help lead the rebels. The Elves are their planetouched descendants. They are longer lived than most mortals, but some also gain a few of their parents astral abilities.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

aelrindel, aerendyl, aithlin, alabyra, arazorwyn, adresin, aduce, aerendyl, afamra, ainesilver, alosrin, amrynn, aemma, alaesa, beala, bhuraelea, blythswana, celebora, cheyrth, clya, clerthynna, cauladra, chasianna, chin'cesstre, chomylla

Masculine names

Aego, aeson, aframrail, agis, akkar, arenel, abadda. abarat, adamar, adorellan, adresin, aduce, aermhar, aesar, agis, aglanthol, ajaar, alabyran, albondiel, alok, althidon, baelen, bele, beluar, biafyndar, belanor, beldroth, bellas, bameron, celeborn, chathanglas, cirdan, cluym, chnal, connak, selsaran, divisav, druindar

Family names

Orlearnith (guild of fire), hunithdlues (sisterhood of the bow), heasiettln (those above magic), myrthtlarn (House of green mysteries), CyGrenaear (warriors from the water), rilynnathem (house of dragons), dryearretyn (champions of the heavens), hlaethym (seers of the challenges), eyllisnddare (lands of the winds), gyssetlithar (clan of victory), teasen’elrvis (trackers of the leaves), dwin’ghymn (walkers in the forgotten ways), melithanea (mothers of the night)


Major language groups and dialects

Elven and common. Astralus, Atlantean, Sylvan.

Shared customary codes and values

They revere learning and nature.

Common Etiquette rules

They are a very honorable people

Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
Significant presence in

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