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Atlantia is the land of the Atlanteans, centaurfolk, gypsy halflings and wild elves.


Above all is the floating mountain fortress/city of the Atlantean Overseers. In the past, this island was constructed with ring moats, canals, bridges. Over the years these have become blocked and filled. In the center of today's' Atlantia appears to be a circular, terraced mountain or step pyramid floating above the Cataract of the Endless Falls.   Atlantia is covered with various terrain including: grasslands, mountains, volcanoes, swamp, desert, forest, badlands, rolling hills, mangrove swamps, badlands, chasms and beaches. There are a many: rivers, streams, waterfalls, steam vents, delta, lakes and ponds.

Flora & Fauna

Some Atlanteans and their descendant, the Atlan, survived the Chaos Wars. Other races that live here are centaurfolk, gypsy halflings and wild elves. Most humans here were wiped out in the during the Chaos Wars. Since they were no longer receiving a manufactured drug from the Atlanteans; they degenerated into animalistic cavemen. There are a variety of: animals, and chaos mutants throughout this land. The northern tips at times also have Mu and Lycan training there.

Natural Resources

In many places Atlantia is still contaminated from the after-affects of the Chaos Wars. There are various plants living here, but many are stunted, twisted or poisonous in these areas. Of course, there are some almost untouched or healed areas. As a result of some of the surviving Atlantians using their skills to heal instead of harm.   Wood, water, ore are some of the available resources.
Alternative Name(s)
Isle of the Atlanteans, Azltan
Location under
Included Locations
Owning Organization
Hy-Altia (Mother)
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