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Anamir Loraethor

Written by Pookas Kreations

Anamir Javanel Loraethor- Jaerire

I am the twin brother of Aldenor Jaerire, we were both born of the Astralus but we had a break over politics and the meaning of life.  I love my brother but hate him at the same time. To me, life is a contest and I mean to win it if I can. After I joined the Atlanteans and began to work for them, I climbed the ranks quickly on both merit and ruthlessness.     To me might makes right, the companies mandates are all. My brother thinks that I was brainwashed to work for them. Maybe in some way that is true, but it was voluntary, not forced. I like how they work, how they control others and offer power to others that can seize it. I had to start in the lower ranks, but not the lowest. My intelligence gave me officers rank and a position with the Atlantean Academy of Science  I made a name for myself in the ranks as a ruthless commander, following orders no matter what. They put me in charge of the "slave" labor force on Aquatica after they were forcibly evolved. I was in charge of the security and had full operational authority. My rules were strict but fair, I didn't needlessly torture anyone but if someone made trouble for us we made an example of them.

Personality Characteristics


To be in charge, have power over others, to rule where he wants.

Likes & Dislikes

All Atlantean enemies hate him, any others who fall under his control fear him.

Vices & Personality flaws

I'm a man who likes power and seeks it constantly.


Family Ties

Clan of the Jaer, and twin brother of Aldenor Jaerire.
light violet with blue streaks
shoulder length, light turquoise
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light blue
6' 4"
160 lbs
Other Affiliations

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