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Private Aye



"Aye, her hair was as golden as doubloons. When she spoke, it was as if the sirens were tryin' ta dash me ship against the rocks once again. She asked if I could find 'er missin' sister. Aye, I says. Aye."   The woman glanced around the room, confused. " you always do that?"   It was not the man, but the parrot on his shoulder that responded. "Just go with it, raawk, it helps him think."
— a typical meeting with Private Aye
  A-1718 is a mystery shrouded in the same fog that all too often obscures the view of the harbor. Impenetrable, and as cold as the sea itself. To get to the bottom of this enigma, one must be as bright as a lighthouse. Nah, just kidding— it's real simple; he's a pirate detective.  

Anomaly Description

A-1718, which refers to itself as Private Aye, appears as a large man wearing a strange mix between pirate garb and that of a stereotypical noir detective. His flared overcoat is pinstriped grey, placed over a white button-up that puffs out at the wrists. A solid black tie sits over this and terminates a few inches above his pinstriped slacks. Rising a few inches over these slacks, are a pair of shiny black boots. A pair of black leather gun holsters crosses over his abdomen, each housing a flintlock pistol. The entire look is topped off with an odd hat that appears to be a hybrid between a fedora and a tricorn.   A-1718 is always accompanied by A-1718-1, a parrot which refers to itself as Nicotine (or Nic for short.) A-1718 claims that the parrot's name is derived from its love for cigarettes, something he shares with it.   A-1718 is both a pirate and a detective, who deals only in the "law of the sea." He is, in fact, entirely unable to set foot on land— and spends all of his time at sea, aboard his ship; The Agency. While he accepts just about any request, this limitation makes his customers few and far between.  
"Please, you have to help me— they're going to kill me!"   "The lad spoke like 'is words were 'is legs, runnin' far away from 'is trouble, so fast he didn' say who 'they' was."   "The mafia— in the city."   "I couldn't help 'im none, my dealin' is only with the law of the sea. I suggested 'e run, lest tomorra he'll find 'imself the answer to a lead riddle."
— An unfortunate customer
  When A-1718 does accept a job, he always completes it. He possesses an extraordinary intellect when it comes to solving mysteries, so long as they pertain to the sea, of course. It is due to this fact alone that the ACF allows A-1718 to go free, as he has aided them in the capture of several nautical anomalies.    

Logs for A-1718

Incident #1718-8
Date: ████████████
Location: The Agency, Pacific Ocean
Personnel involved: ███████████████, referred to below as "P1"
  Video log #1718-5
P1: We've got another job for you, if you're interested. It'll pay well.   -A-1718 leans in, elbow on the table, grinning. A-1718-1 does so as well, removing a cigarette from its mouth.   A-1718: He offered me treasure— a glittering thing, shinier than the sea 'erself, they always sung to me more than any wom'n e'er could.   A-1718-1: He's interested.   P1: Right. We're looking for something— someone. I expect that you already know of him— Poseidon.   A-1718: Aye, the man spoke stiffly, his words like any ol' plank on me ship— wooden, and straight to the point. What 'e asked fer wasn't just any job— it was the kind o' job I'd only found in me dreams. It was of the sort that'd make any lesser man shake like 'is legs were made o' tobacco— but I ain't any lesser man.   Note: For more information on Poseidon's capture, please see The Tidal Trespasser.
  -End Log-


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Dec 20, 2021 01:29 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the way he speaks, like he is narrating events rather than being part of them. And I love that his parrot is called Nicotine.   Great job with this one, Time! :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 21, 2021 07:56 by Garrett Grace Lewis
Jan 3, 2022 20:13 by TJ Trewin

I love the contrast in the narrative tones between the charcter's voice and the people around him, and the quirky names for both Private Aye and his parrot, Nic(otine), makes them a memorable duo that I hope to encounter again soon!   I featured this in my inspirations article for the reading challenge! :D

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Jan 3, 2022 20:20 by Garrett Grace Lewis

Thank you! They may show up again sometime, I'm unsure— probably whenever another sea-borne anomaly comes around.

Jan 4, 2022 12:20 by TC

Hahaha I absolutely love that guy, he's awesome! A pirate detective is such a simple idea, I can't believe it isn't more mainstream (I mean this is my first privective). Great work!

Creator of Arda Almayed
Jan 17, 2022 09:35 by Stormbril

The quotes of him talking with his clients absolutely kill me. Such a well done way of really introducing us to this lovely character xD I think it's fantastic that he's overall helpful, too (as long as it's the law of the sea), and that he's not contained haha.   Gonna be linking this article in my reading challenge article, for sure haha!   Unrelated, I don't suppose Private Aye can come on land via a bucket of ocean water, can he? ...Asking for a friend.

Jan 23, 2022 03:25 by E. Christopher Clark

You had me at "pirate detective," and then you went and threw a parrot called Nicotine into the mix and I was in love.

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