ACF Headquarters

The ACF headquarters is a massive building complex floating in international waters, is the center of operations for the foundation, home to high class personnel, and prison to a few select anomalies.  

The Tub

The headquarters themselves do not look particularly interesting, most of its many edifices are simple rectangular concrete blocks— with seldom few windows along their outer surfaces. The foundation's logo and initials are stenciled over their façades— just in case anyone working within could forget where they were. What makes the ACF HQ stand out, however, is how it remains on the water. Rather than being attached directly to the seafloor beneath it, the ACF headquarters instead floats on the top of the ocean via a state-of-the-art, giant, inflatable sunshine-yellow duck innertube.  
Don't laugh, it was cheaper this way.
— Tolon Tolui, CFO

Unknown location

Even with coordinates, one cannot simply reach the ACF HQ.   The headquarters themselves are anomalous in nature, though this was not actually done on purpose— nobody knows how this came about.   To actually reach the headquarters, one must be guided by another human being— step by step.   As this works in the ACF's favor, none have bothered to figure out why this is.


Around 1961, after the original ACF headquarters in rural New Mexico burned down (due to the wooden structure being unable to contain the world's hottest chili pepper)— Breana Folks, the administrator at the time, began plans to construct a new, more stable center of operations for the foundation. Since then, the headquarters have seen a number of renovations and additions to accommodate the foundation's growing size, varied needs, and ever-changing containment procedures.  


There are seven main structures that make up the headquarters; the administrative tower looming in the center, with research and development facilities on its north end, storage at the far north edge, containment in the south, task force housing and fortifications wrapped around the edges, personnel housing in the east and west with sponsored shopping centers, and a greenhouse on the underside of the entire structure.    


The higher ups, such as the administrator and the Jim Council work within the administrative tower, leading and overseeing the operations of the rest of the foundation.   Primarily office work is done here, such as gaining the rights to develop land surrounding anomalies, or outright transferring ownership of anomalies from the world's governments and various corporations. High-level personnel such as the administrator, CFO, head researchers, and the Jim Council reside within the tower.

Research & Development

Here, the foundation's top researchers and scientists work tirelessly to figure out how to properly contain the various anomalies in their possession. They also work develop new tools for this purpose, including weapons, armor, materials, and marketing strategies.   Items developed here include various aircraft, perpetual motion machines (these have been "invented" five times by now, each time proving to be a false alarm), pencils that never break, remote lockpicks, and their most recent development— really big nets.


Various high profile anomalies are contained within the headquarters, including those that the administrator, Bin Folks has particular interest in. These include the ravenous fluffywupkins, Poseidon, the lost Whizneat cartoons, and Bigfoot— who had killed Bin's father.   Kept here are also various anomalies that can be utilized as tools to aid in the foundation's efforts. Among these are teleportation donuts, torchbugs (bugs literally shaped like flashlights), and cardboard guns.


Author's Notes

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22 Jul, 2020 22:59

At this...  

the ACF headquarters instead floats on the top of the ocean via a state-of-the-art, giant, inflatable sunshine-yellow duck innertube
  I just can't stop laughing.   Really, this is GREAT! I love the voice just skipping along here describing the place and what's there.

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
22 Jul, 2020 23:58

Thank you! Glad the joke landed! I really was wracking my brain for how the HQ was in the water.

24 Jul, 2020 13:33

Hahahaha, the image of it floating on a giant innertube. Brilliant.   I'm very intrigued by the fact that they claim to have Poseidon captured in their HQ.

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
24 Jul, 2020 18:32

Glad you like the innertube!   Also yes they have poseidon here. That said, the myths didn't portray him accurately, he isn't actually a god. IDK if I'll ever actually write about him or not.

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