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The Weave

The Ebb and Flow of Power

The Weave was released when Aone' and Sylios gave in to their passions. During their copulation and in her throes of passion, the weave poured into the world, cascading across the the landscape. The sudden shock of the weave crashing into the world caused a ripple effect as thousands of creatures were immediately effected. Some were changed suddenly, undergoing a painful and grotesque metamorphosi while others the change occurred slowly. This is the event that is thought to have given birth to magical creatures. The weave is an interesting phenomenon as it isn't an enveloping force over the world. It behaves as if it is a sentient being and by all rights it very well could be. Its motion is more like a river, changing shape as the environment changes. It ebbs and flows as it wills. When a creature pulls on the current, that creature inevitably shifts the weave. The more powerful the spell the more of the weave is shifted to accompany the force required for the desired effect.   All magical life draws from the weave. Through the evolution of life there are a myriad of creatures who are innately magical and so a piece of the weave embeds itself into the creatures during the gestation period.


The weave is intertwined with Aonus and this leads to some bizarre yet fascinating spectacles. These range from causing streaks of light in the sky to dance to causing mass hallucinations in areas where the veil flows strongly. These do not last long, no more than a blink of an eye to most creatures. Those with a unique connection to the weave can sometimes see as the river flows. Those that stare long enough run the risk of being lost in its pull.


The Shimmering Sea. Here, the weave can be seen by all men as it glides across the surface of the water. Ships that cross the sea must take precautions as many odd curiosities roam underneath the waves, enhanced by the close proximity to the weave.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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15 Jul, 2018 10:46

You might want to consider rewriting the first sentence. Tell us what it is, give us a hook that pulls us into the rest of the article :) That is is an interesting phenomena doesn't tell me as a reader much.   In fact, reading more, I'm not exactly sure what the veil is. I assume it's similar to the web/weave in forgotten realms, but I couldn't tell you for sure.   But I like mutations, so I'm intrigued!

16 Jul, 2018 00:31

Thanks for the feedback! I'll most definitely come back and do a rework on it. :)