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Laura VanArendonk Baugh


Broadcast Topics

writing, worldbuilding, marketing, branding, etc.

Channel Summary

LauraVAB streams weekly with occasional bonus streams.   TO WRITE AND HAVE WRITTEN is a show about the business of writing and being creative. We have weekly themes and do take requests for topics.   Tuesdays, 7pm Eastern at   1st Tuesday: the Business of Creativity — Managing that career you thought was going to be about making art but turns out to also have accounting and marketing and stuff.   2nd Tuesday: Craft & Development — Building skills, learning technique, or related topics. May also include worldbuilding.   3rd Tuesday: Learn With Me — Inspiration is everywhere! Learn something new and fascinating, or explore with me something that writers often get wrong. Lots of worldbuilding potential here!   4th Tuesday: Create-In — Bring your project! Whether it’s writing, video-editing, cross-stitch, cosplay, coding, knitting, whatever. Informal sprints and moral support.   5th Tuesday: Field Trip! (or other fun and different theme) — Might be a travelogue, might be something wild and quirky. Will try to be both educational and inspirational. Or weird.

Also Known As

LauraVAB, Laura_VAB, Laura VAB, Laura VanArendonk Baugh writer

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