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Adventure April and Play May


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By now, if you follow the ASC, you have probably heard about the World Anvil community challenge, Adventure April. If you have not, essentially the challenge is to create a one-shot RPG adventure in your own world! Team-ups are encouraged, so if you've never written an RPG adventure before, and you're a writer type, why not team up with a roleplayer to help you create your adventure?   At the ASC, we're going to be focusing on our RPG streamers, many of whom we wrote about in our post on GM's Day. We are creating an special event calendar! If your stream is going to focus on your Adventure April content, you can sign your event up for that calendar by inviting it to your Google calendar, at:  
(viewing the address is only available to ASC members)
  If you sign up your stream for this calendar, you cannot invite it to the other calendars too. So please make sure to uninvite the WA Announceable calendar (blue) or the WA All-Inclusive calendar (purple) -- whichever one your stream normally falls under. Adventure April events will show up on the main ASC calendar in green, to make them easier to find! (Please only invite individual streams calendar posts to this calendar. AKA don't invite it infinitely repeating. It defeats the purpose of highlighting for special events. Ask in the WA ASC channel if you need clarification.)  

Adventure April Badge (SVG)

If you'd like to use the spiffy badge created for the event, here you go!

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The ASC will be hosting an event directly related to Adventure April -- Play May! In May, we want you to play your adventures on stream, or play the adventures that others have created on stream! And like with Adventure April, we'll be highlighting those events on the calendar.  

How to Get Involved:

  1. If you already have a gaming group together, talk to them and settle on a date for play.
  2. Don't have a group? Sign up at Tabletop Finder and find one (or we can help you find one!) Don't forget that World Anvil's Discord has a #looking-for-group channel too! (If you're not already on the Discord, why not? Just connect in your World Anvil account settings!)
  3. If you are already a streamer, make sure to tech check your VTT or chat program to make sure everything will run smoothly
  4. If not, apply to Secondhand Samurai for the Streamer role so that you can post your planned game streams on the WA Discord!
  5. Not sure how to do any of this? Don't worry, we'll have tutorials! Watch this space for updates and tutorial links!
  6. Either play the game you wrote, or select a game from the list of Adventure April submissions. Or, do both! You can play as many games in PlayMay as you can reasonably organize and stream! Try out a few if you like!
  7. Make sure that you do a session zero to give your group a chance to select or create their characters and make sure everyone understands what you're doing. You can stream this or not as you choose. If you choose to stream it, it also counts as a PlayMay event, and you can add it to the AdventureApril event calendar.
  8. Invite your scheduled game stream to the Adventure April event calendar, to make sure everyone will be able to find it!
  9. Stream your game! Remember that these one-shots are designed for 3-4 hours, so you should be able to get through it in one game session. If you need more time, the second session also counts as a PlayMay event, don't worry.
  10. Write up a Session Report on World Anvil to talk about your experience playing the game, and submit the URL as a comment on THIS ARTICLE to share your experience!
  11. The most popular one-shot gets bragging rights from the ASC.
  12.   We will be actively promoting and supporting Adventure April and Play May events here at the ASC. If you're participating, we encourage you to raid into other participating streams whenever possible, to keep the love flowing!   That's it! Good luck, and good gaming!  
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