The last realm to have been conquered by the Kingdom, but with our steam powered airships we rule the skies!
Lieutenant-General I.S.A. Bridge of the Air Corps

It stretches from beyond the horizon from the North to the South, from the East to the West. It stretches from the soil down on earth all the way to the stars. There is air, clouds, sun, moon, fog, smoke, smog, and thunderstorms. All are part of the Sky. The air we use to let the fires in our boilers' breath. The rains feed our lands, our rivers, and our boilers, to be turned into glorious steam. The sun is there to light our way, and the moon is there to guide us at night when the sun sleeps.

But even better we sail on the sky, in the sky, through the sky. We bested the bugs and the birds with our airships. Travel time across the kingdom has never been so fast and so relaxing, sky sailing is the best thing to do.

The clouds where once a boring white, but nowadays they are all kinds of grey, sometimes even black, from the smoke from our Coal fires. It's always an amazing sight when thunder rolls through these ash laden clouds, as the lightning goes completely wild in them. It's a show of the gods approving of the Kingdom and its use of steam.

Why is the sky blue? People ask me often. Well, because it is cold up high, you can ask any Aviator, this is true. And you can see when the sun gets closer to the land at sunrise and sunset it heats the sky and then it glows red.
— J.J. Smith Doctor in Science


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6 Aug, 2022 13:46

Brief, but very good job on dense worldbuilding. I like that the effects of pollution ca already be seen but it is viewed as "the gods approval." An entertaining mix of religion's beliefs and pseudoscience.

As always, it would be appreciated if you would stop by my challenge article The Storm Giant Empire and leave some feedback.   If you are looking for things to read from summer camp there is also my Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge.. Happy worldbuilding.
7 Aug, 2022 04:14

Thank you :) Yeah all of my summercamp stuff is brief this year, hope to expand some, and clean them up, on a later date. But was sturggling to find enough time while out at sea.
Who says the people in the world always have to be right? :P