Lord Protector

Saving the world is rather difficult at my age, but's that's still my job and I'll be damned if I don't try.
— Count Nathaniel Hraban
  The Lord Protector is the head of the Order of the Raven, serving as both it's political and military leader. Although it is a separate title, the Lord Protector is also the Count of Glenwich, and the two positions are one and the same in the eyes of many, both within the county and abroad.


The title is passed by Agnatic Primogeniture, from father to eldest son, or occasionally grandfather to eldest son's eldest son.


The Lord Protector typically receives his rank through a brief ceremony in the Raven Chapel at Castle Glenwich, although this is really only a formality. The Lord Protector kneels, facing the gathered knights in attendance who stand, as the Auspex recites the Vows of Office, which the Lord Protector then repeats. After which, the Auspex pulls a long raven feather cloak from the altar and places it around the Lord Protector and fastens it at the neck. The Lord Protector then rises, and the gathered knights kneel one by one in turn. The Auspex then sacrifices a Raven upon the altar, divining possible omens relating to the Lord Protector's rule from the bird's remains.


As the head of the Order of the Raven, the Lord Protector is responsible for the overall guidance and operation of the Order. He mediates disputes in the General Chapter and the General Staff.


The Lord Protector is expected to lead forces of both Order knights and peasant levies into battle when necessary. He is responsible for receiving and holding court with diplomatic guests. Although technically a separate title, the Lord Protector is also the Count of Glenwich, and holds all the responsibilities that running a county entails.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Lord Protector may abdicate at his own discretion, and pass his title according to the rules of Agnatic Primogeniture.   Although it has never happened in the history of the Order, the General Chapter can in theory force the Lord Protector's abdication by unanimous vote, in which case the title will pass as though he had died or abdicated as normal.


The title was originally held by the founder of the Order of the Raven, King Peytre I of Aaltiera , and was a hereditary title within the royal bloodline. When King Daniel IV realised he was likely to die without a clear heir in 86 Era of Spirits, he ordered the title to be transferred on his death to the then Lord Marshal, the Count Julius Hraban II of Glenwich, on the grounds of his high rank, his family's association with the local raven population, and the fact that the Order has been headquartered in his castle since the very beginning.   House Hraban has since passed the position down the direct male line in an unbroken chain for over 900 years. This is likely to change in the near future, as the current Lord Protector, Count Nathaniel Hraban, is nearing the end of his natural life and has no surviving male descendants. The title will most likely pass to his adoptive brother, Auspex Karloman Hraban, and his bloodline.
Nobility, Hereditary
The Charter of the Knights Raven, 13 Era of Spirts
Form of Address
Sir, Sire, My Lord
Equates to
Petty King, Grand Duke
Source of Authority
The Order's General Chapter
Length of Term
First Holder
Current Holders
Related Locations
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