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'Raging Seas'

A turbulent region of ocean between Tamerea and 'Beast Continent', The 'Raging Seas' are a infamous areas to sailors. Many ships have been lost to the massive whirlpools, and it's said that ghost ships are common in the area.


This region is in the middle of the ocean between the two continents. Not much is known of the geography below the water, though it's assumed to be littered by the skeletons of many lost ships.

Localized Phenomena

The area is infamous for it's numerous, unpredictable whirlpools. These whirlpools range is size from small to big enough to swallow entire ships whole. They are also known to appear and collapse randomly, with some only existing for a few hours and others lasting for years. The cause of these whirlpools is unknown, and there are many theories surrounding them. Some scholars believe that the whirlpools are created by some kind of creature using them to secure food. One sailor found floating adrift reported being at the bottom of these whirlpools, and seeing large figures decorated in flashing colors dancing  and swimming around the whirlpool. Due to the dangerous currents these whirlpools create and the sailors fear of the region, studying these whirlpools is impossible, and it is likely scholars will never know what causes them.


The 'Raging Seas' has long been a major obstacle preventing the folk of Tamerea and the 'Beast Continent' from interacting. Many believed that there was no land on the other side, so few tried to navigate through the dangerous region. One day a 'Cat-Folk' ship managed to get through the 'Raging Seas. Their ship was badly damaged, and the sailors were unable to steer it, so the ship drifted for many days, and the remain crew was on the verge of dying. Luckily a ship from Tamerea spotted them, and towed the disabled ship to 'Port City A'.


The region is typically avoided at all costs, and one much pay a lot of coin to convince a sailor to get anywhere near the area.

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