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The Frontier

The Frontier is a large region located in the northeast, mostly dominated by the vast plains that give it its name. Comprised of miles of flat expansive seas of grass and bordered by wide sloping mountains, the Great Plains is inhabited by small villages and farming communities that are spread through out the area.
  Located on the western coast is Ananlath, the most advanced city on Ethiea and its capitol. A giant metropolis situated on a peninsula, the city reaches the water on all three sides and spills out on to the plains to the east of it. Some claim to be able to see Divodaieds from the highest building, and Ananlath from the the top of the Divo Tree. Some even attempting to glide to the capitol by jumping from the top of the Spaceport as form of competition.


The Frontier has a variety of landscapes with in it, however it's most well known for its wide sweeping plains that stretch for miles past the horizon. Located at its center the plains are the most arid part of the region and have very few rivers that run through them, the ones that do are large winding beasts that carve through the landscape. The majority of the settlements are found along these waters sources or along the edges of the plains.
  A small mountain range that starts in The Redlands reaches up along the western coast, tapering off just before it reaches Ananlath. These mountains sit rather low with wide bases, the foot hills quickly transitioning into the lower plains. A similar mountain range can be found at the coastline around The Northern Spaceport and extending along the eastern side, both of the mountain ranges foot hills are the only place where lakes are found. The larger bodies of water being the sources of the giant rivers that cut through the plains and provide the flora there with ample amounts of water.
  The average weather for the region tends to be rather dry during the summer and winter month in plains area, with moderate rainfall in the spring and fall. While in the mountains the rains are more even throughout the year, the peaks getting quite a bit of snow during the winter with a bit of it spilling into the plains during the coldest months. The coastal areas have a more mild climate with high rainfall, and moderate winters that receive less rain and no snow.

Fauna & Flora

The forests that dot the foot hills and outer edges of the Frontier are premised of deciduous trees and filled with a number of small creeks and hidden cottages. The floor of the forests being overrun by dense foliage and a variety of flowers and herbs. The high up the mountains you go the more likely you are to come across coniferous trees and the smaller flora begins to thin out.
  The plains are primarly filled with grasses, the vast open areas consumed by a short coarse prairie grass, and the closer to the rivers one gets the taller and more varied it gets. The banks becoming clogged with reeds, cattails, and long supple clumps of water logged grasses. Flowers and herbs are plentiful around the water and spread out in colorful seas for miles, some species even being found miles away from any water source. These tend to water-bearers, a group of plants that contain a hollow center or bulb that holds water. These are used by the locals as a means to get water without having to travel miles to the nearest river, and allows them to maintain their homes deep into the arid plains.
  The native inhabitants include the ethieans, the Kadiinshi, and the Renika. Each of these species are bipedal sentient creatures, each established throughout the Frontier and mixed together, very few villages exist anymore that are composed of a single species. However the Kadiinshi are the main inhabitants of the forests, and the Renika make up the majority of the deep plains population.
  One of the only non-sentient creatures, the Raakiet, lives on the plains as well. A small mammal with large square-ish ears, a short tail, and back legs designed for fast movement and long jumps, it's well designed to survive on the plains. Once a prey animal of the sentient species it now sees no threat from any of them and rarely flees when someone wanders too close.

Natural Resources

The Frontier is well known for its water-bearing plants. Often harvested and sold to areas of low precipitation and cities, their roots grow deep into the ground to pull water to the surface and hold anywhere from a mouthful of water to a few liters depending on how large the plant is. Some varieties act like a water skin after harvest, the water sack becoming a stiff leather like material that can be used in travels.
  Along the banks of the rivers that wind through the great plains is a unique type of sweet grass, it is cultivated by some of the small settlements of the Frontier and sold as a natural sweetener for local foods. It is harvested and sold in small bunches, which can be eaten as is as a treat, added directly into a recipe, or boiled in water to make a tea.
  In the woods along the edges of the Frontier one can find a small purple berry, known as tartenbar. It grows on a small bush at the base of the trees found around the creeks, it has distinctive light green leaves and bright orange branches which make it easy to find. They were originally cultivated by the kadiinshi and used as a medicine for pain relief and a fever reducer, and also as a common dye for clothes.
  Farther up the mountains one will find the mining guilds that harvest the ore from the rocks near the peaks. The Frontier contains the second highest concentration of metals on Ethiea. Home to the widely used cyprium, a copper colored ore that can conduct electricity and heat easily, it's most common uses are infrastructure and wiring due to its high resistance to corrosion and long life span.
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