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Nestled in the northern foothills of the Fangor Mountains and surrounded by the tall ever present conifers is the hollowed out crumbling ruins of a small town. Burned to the ground and its inhabitants slaughtered over two decades ago, scorch marks and blood splatters are still visible on the weathered stones and rotted wood.
  With the War raging around them life in Scaevas was strained, the threat of demons wandering too close to the town or attacking all to real. Though talks of abandoning the town and heading north in search of safer refuge were had, the Scaevians were forced to hold their ground and rely on the terrain to keep them hidden as long as possible. With too many residents unfit for travel and no safe path to the north, any attempt to move the whole town was sure to end in tragedy.


Night into Day

  As the War dragged on the dire situation of Scaevas worsened as food became more and more scarce and sickness spread through the town. There was little the Scaevians could do when the horde of demons swarmed the town.
  Fires licked the sky as houses burned and trees ignited, and thick clouds of smoke and ash filled the air along side the terrified screams. Those unlucky enough to escape the fires were brutally killed by the demons who rent the flesh from bones and toyed with their half dead bodies. The citizens of Scaevas were dragged through the street, trampled, eaten alive, and dismembered. Little was spared that night.


What Remains

  Blackened and crumbling half structures and overgrown paths are broken up by the young trees and underbrush that have moved in. Covering up the scarred piece of land as the forest slowly but steadily swallows it whole. Doomed to remain in the minds of people like the notion of a story one can't quite recall from their childhood, its culture and traditions lost to the War like many other towns before and after it.   Dhaam and Tehg are the only known survivors of Scaevas. Having barely escaped from the massacre and flames as small children when they both hid in the same spot together. A small hole that had been worn out under a rotting log by the melting snow. Having never met before that night, the two were forced to watch the destruction of their home and families together. Unable to leave their hiding spot for days as they waited for the demons to finally leave before they as well were forced to leave the remains of their short lives behind and make the treacherous journey to the north.


The Nameless Grave

  After the War finally ended Dhaam and Tehg returned to their childhood home for the first and only time since they'd left as small children. Entering the silent ruins of their childhood, the duo went to work collecting the remains of the Scaevians that still littered the ground and laying them to rest in a mass grave they dug in the middle of the town. At its center is a large rectangular stone marker with nothing but the town's name etched into it. Having lost their families and friends at such young ages, the names of those that once resided in Scaevas were lost as well.   With no one left to visit it, Scaevas now lies as silent as the grave at its heart.


Laahat Saa

  After they had finished what they had set out to do in Scaevas, the two put together and funded a group with the sole purpose of tracking down towns that had met the same fate. Giving them the job of laying the dead to rest, erecting memorials in the towns, and locating any survivors so that as many of the names of those that died could be recorded.    The group would become known as the Laahat Saa (lee-hat shee). A name that translates directly as "soul sleeper", or "one who lets souls sleep." Pulled from an old Fangorian fable of a creature that would visit in the night to carry the souls of the deceased back into the embrace of Miltiades, where they would become one with the flow of energy again.


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