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Big on meditation and strength of will
Peace of mind and body
Can often be found on rocky outcroppings/pillars on the wind face of the mountain mediating or doing yoga and sun poses, usually during the sun rise and sun set
Follow a path of non-violence
Very welcoming to strangers
Small villages readily open their doors to travelers, bigger villages have a local tavern where travelers can rest and locals can go to mingle and eat dinner
Build their villages up on the rocky faces of the Fangor Mountains and among the forested hills
Known for their handwoven fabrics and layered clothing, often combining blacks and grays with swaths of multicolored fabrics in the form of shawls, waist/shoulder sashes, headdresses, scarves
Embroidered or dyed with simple and symmetrical patterns often featuring stylized plants and mountains
Children are often left to their own devices during the day, running through the village in small hordes playing games until dark when they return home
Usually only eat two meals a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, spending the rest of the day working or meditating
Children join their parents in evening meditation rituals before dinner as they get older, learning how to focus their minds and new yoga poses over the years.
The most important celebrations of the Fangorians are those held on the equinoxes, celebrating the balance of day and night and the symbolic balance of light and dark. They see both as a necessity of life, and that too much of one or the other can leave you feeling unfulfilled.
  • Light - Day, productivity, fast movement, high emotion, company, large celebration, travel
  • Dark - Night, relaxation, thoughtful movement, calm, solitude, personal recognition of success, home
Festivals are held in most villages, some of the smaller ones coming to together to celebrate as a group, moving from one village to the other
Music is played by many people throughout the village as they celebrate the changing seasons.
During the Spring equinox the celebrate the start of a new planting season, while during the Fall equinox the celebrate the end of the harvest.
Some of the major performances are dances, showcasing a mix of fluid and slow movements with fast past and sharp ones to songs played on various string instruments played with short bows or finger picks and wind instruments. Their sounds ranging from low and sultry to high and melodious.
    You have at least something of how they interact with outsiders. But how do they interact with each other? How do they greet one another, what sports or games do they play, what are their values when concerning relationships (all kinds, not just romantic). How are the young raised, and how. Is daycare a thing? Does one parent have full duty? What are their methods for keeping the kids in check?

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