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Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Newborns are weened from their mothers at about five months old (89 Standard days), exiting their first stage of development and becoming an infant. They then learn to crawl and eventually walk by the time they're one (178 Standard days) and start working on speech development between their second and third years (356 - 534 Standard days.) The toddler stage beginning at four years old (712 Standard days), their communication skills and motor abilities becoming well developed and gaining the ability to efficiently communicate with others. Their social skills grow as they interact with others in their age group, learning fundamental interactions such as sharing and curiosity in their environments. This stage ends around their tenth year (1 year and 786 days Standard.)
  Over the next five to ten years (893 days - 1.8 years Standard) they will continue to advance their acquired skills and mature, developing more complex relationships on their own and learning to solve simple problems. Transitioning to the next stage of their development, Ethieans will start to pick up on more advanced social ques and creative ways of dealing with problems.
  An Ethiean will begin puberty, or developing more adult characteristics and they're reproductive organs becoming mature, around the thirty - fifty year mark (5.3 - 8.9 years Standard) for females and forty - eighty years old ( 7.1 - 14.3 years Standard) for males. They go through massive growth spurts, and muscle gain, the males voices lowering, and gaining an astute control of the motor reflexes.
  With a leap in maturity they begin to take on greater responsibilities and become functioning members of society, completing their move into adulthood around hundred years old (17.8 years Standard.)

Ecology and Habitats

Originating from the Frontier, and the Redlands, the Ethieans are most suited to the mild weather of the central regions. The easy access to water and the semi-open areas to build homes has led to the development of larger settlements, and tendency to avoid cramped spaces like narrow caves and dense forests. However some still find themselves in Veila, the wide spacing between the massive trees making them feel more at home.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Once omnivorous the Ethieans easily adapted to vegetarianism, becoming proficient in farming in the larger communities and locating food items in the smaller settlements. Their eye sight helping them locate various types of fruit, herbs, and vegetables in the surroundings.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Ethieans are a very social species, tending to gather in medium to large groups. Though some prefer to live alone, they still crave interactions with others and travel beyond their homes to participate in social gatherings or visit areas with more creatures. Those who live in seclusion often have companions as a way of staving off the loneliness.
  When large numbers assemble they are often lead by a group comprised of the elders and any strong and charismatic individuals, the wisdom of the experienced is held in high regards and often lays the ground work for the rules.

Facial characteristics

The most common facial features found among the Ethieans are high cheek bones, long narrow noses, and full eyebrows. The males tend to have sharp angled jaws, while the females have more rounded jaws but longer faces.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found through out Ethiea, and on multiple planets like Serpentis and Asira

Average Intelligence

The Ethieans are one of the forerunners of science and technology, heavily motivated by their curiosity and need for knowledge they are commonly found at the head of colleges and research centers.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Ethieans rely mostly on their sense of sight, being able to easily distinguish between colors and hues. This makes them quite adept at picking out camouflaged beings and create ensembles of clothing to help them blend in, a trait that helped them avoid the larger species back before the union of Ethiea and the hunting of other sapient creatures was banned.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Ethiean, Veilan, Okin, Naisu, Teirish, Glas-ri, Fangorian

Historical Figures

Tayanan - The peacekeeper of the Ethieans, he claims to be born at the end of the first Era, making him one of the oldest living beings on the Council, and the first of his kind.
Scientific Name
Magnae sapientiae
All through out the central regions of Ethiea
600 years (107 ys)
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Height
Average Weight
160 - 200lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
One of the more distinctive traits of the Ethieans are their skin tones, with a range from heavy dark browns, to lighter olive, and pale caramel colors every Ethiean has a red overlay to their pigment. The red is more concentrated on the topside of their arms and legs, and their backs, and fades along the edges giving their stomachs and the bottoms of the legs and arms a paler shade.
  Due to the length of time that Ethieans have been around, and the many mutations that have occurred, their gene pool has a large variety to choose from when it comes to hair and eye color. The offspring have a chance of inheriting one of their parents hair color, or a blend of the two. Given this an Ethiean with parents that possesses white hair and black hair has the potential for white, black, gray, or a mix of any of the three.   Like every sapient species on Ethiea, the Ethieans have the signature black sclera.
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