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The Redlands

A vast savanna located on the eastern peninsula and boarded by the Gulf of Varun and the Sea of Sennei.


A large savanna-like area where the ground is filled with a unique clay that gives it its name. This region isn't as dry as Toki'Kaam in the west, allowing it a wider variety of vegetation with the scrub growing in dense clumps and scattered trees that usually appear in small groups of three or four. A few wide but shallow rivers run through the area, their banks containing the highest concentration of the clay giving them a rich red color that fades out into a brilliant scarlet and then a faint brackish hue.   The climate is divided into two distinct seasons, the short dry winter that sees around three to four inches of rain, and the longer more humid summer that receives about ten inches a month. The temperature hovering around the high seventies to low nineties in the summer, and dropping to the low seventies to eighties in the winter.

Fauna & Flora

Large swaths of land covered in patches of dry savanna grasses dominate the landscape, becoming longer and more varied the closer to the rivers they get. The banks becoming clogged with clumps of six foot high cattails, seeding grasses, and river bed herbs.   The trees found in the Redlands have squat gnarled trunks averaging about ten to fifteen feet tall with wide flat canopies. The leaves ranging from dark green to grayish brown, and the trunks a light grayish to tan.   The main inhabitants of the savanna are the Nyatrei, a large bipedal race with dark black to reddish brown fur, cloven hooves, and triangular shaped drooping ears. Their broad sloping faces and long squarish snouts give them a brutish look, only amplified by their thick curved horns and dark eyes. They primarily gather in large family oriented villages and are usually rather calm individuals unless provoked, and capable of doing massive damage with their horns and stocky muscular builds.   The Niwela is one of the smaller species found on Ethiea at only 1.5-2 feet tall and 2.7 feet in length. They are lithe golden quadrupeds with long legs, black spots and large wide ears. They have white under bellies and distinctive white splotches of the backs of their ears, and a fluffy chest. Large forward facing eyes sit above a short wide muzzle, giving them the appearance of rather small head. With sharp canines and long hooked claws, the Niwela was originally one of the omnivorous species before joining under the planet wide alliance and becoming strict vegetarians.

Natural Resources

The red clay found in the ground is gathered and sold in local markets as a raw material, and some is sold to traveling merchants. The rest is used to make traditional pottery, and crafts, and in the building of homes. The multipurpose clay is even used in health and beauty care products and some local cuisines.

  Scattered throughout the savanna, in the beds of the rivers and the rocks peeking through the shallow areas of dirt, are a variety of gemstones. Including a semitransparent, deep royal blue stone with a sparkling center called a Riviera's Eye. Another stone found in the area is the Amberite, a pale translucent orange gem with flecks of gold throughout its depths.   A delicate white rock located in the river beds is ground into a paste and used by the villagers as a body paint, and a white wash on their homes.
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The Eastern Savanna
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