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The Thousand Year Grotto

Located on the northwest coast of the Redlands, the Grotto is a vast underground network of caves that stretches for miles in every direction. Massive caverns and small niches are connected by a twisting maze of tunnels and filled with bioluminescent fungi and mosses, ferns, grasses, bushes, and even trees. Navigating the Grotto is difficult for first time visitors and it's highly recommended to have a guide lead you from one cavern to the next, lest you get lost in the many side tunnels. Guides can be found in every area along with detailed maps and directional signs to point you the right way.   Most of the caverns in the main portion of the Grotto are in use - whether it be as a small storage room or an office for government officials, a library, or council chamber which the larger spaces are known for. Further into the tunnels, there are less and less rooms and storage spaces. The inhabited caverns dwindle off rather quickly, leaving the deepest and farthest corners in darkness.  

The Council Chamber

The Council Chamber — one of the larger areas in the Grotto — is connected to the surface, making it an ideal meeting place for the large quorum of off-worlders. A large colonnade borders the edge of the room with rows of Colosseum-like seating over it and doors that lead deeper in to the caves. Branching from this are three raised walkways that join in the center of the room creating a platform from which the speaking Peacekeeper can address the general assembly.
Council Chamber by Kimberlea Heili

Library of Records and Written History of Ethiea

  Located at its lowest point in the center of the Grotto, the Library of Records spans across several rooms and is the largest library on Ethiea. It contains copies of all known historical texts of the planet and works published on or near it, including one of a kind original documents. A selection of well known works from off planet can be found in each section as well. Each room reserves a space for them off to the side.   The library is divided into three separate wings: digital, sound, and physical media. Each of these is further broken down into groups of rooms based on genre which are then separated and organized by topic. The wings radiate out from a center room that acts as a hub/lobby, containing a huge circular desk in the center where employees can access the database and provide assistance to visitors.
Alternative Name(s)
The Grotto
Underground / Subterranean
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