The Intergalactic Council of Peacekeepers

The Council acts as a form of government, ruling over the allied universe and creating and implementing laws and regulations. The IGCP is comprised of the oldest living members of every species, the oldest members and oldest species holding the highest respect among their peers. Some of members are so old that that all the pigment has faded from their bodies earning them the nickname the Noble Whites, many rumors surround them that suggest they may be the original members of their species, however the majority of people dismiss them as hear say.   In an effort to keep them accountable to themselves and able to properly represent the vast alliance, the IGCP is unable to hold votes or debate on important topics without a quorum of seventy-five percent or more. While the members of the board are required to be at every meeting, the general assembly is not, this has led to several members of the council skipping numerous meetings and rarely showing their faces. Often times Peacekeepers from planets where a large number of council members reside will stay behind and send a handful to the meetings, communicating with other planets to ensure the quorum will be met.   Aside from their duties as a legislative body, they also hold command over many organizations including, but not limited to, the Keepers of Peace, the Intergalactic Disaster Relief Guild, the Intergalactic Convoy, and the Disease and Health Research Guild. With the help of these groups they're able to control their resources and enforce the laws to keep the peace, often using them to provide funding and help to non-Council controlled organizations.


Council Board

The Council Board is comprised of the only positions of power in the IGCP. The Board Members holding special jobs that allow them to keep the Council organized and running smoothly, however they are unable to act upon these powers without the consent of the general assembly. Any action they want to under take, or laws/regulation that are to be passed must be put to a vote and agreed on by the majority of the quorum.
  Council Elder - The head of the council, typically the one who calls the council to meeting and heads the discussion. They call ideas to vote and maintain the civility of those gathered. (Current Elder: Vah'Vahnet)
  Council Dragon - The Peacekeeper in charge of maintaining the founds of the Council, they move the money where it needs to go and organize fundraisers and events to supplement the treasury.
  Council Scribe - Those elected to this position notate the subjects and details discussed during the quorums. They also give an overview of the last meeting and any motions that were tabled for later discussion. (Current Scribe: Tayanan)
  Council Alder - Well versed in the writing and interpretation of the rules and regulations of the Council, and the Intergalactic Code of Conduct. They maintain the order during meetings and make sure the proper procedures are followed and respected.  


In an effort to keep things organized and speed things along, the general Council is divided into groups based on planet and sectors. While the Orator and Mediator are representatives of their area, they are not an authority figure, merely the ones who come forward to share information and ideas of the group in an effort to save time. Before the Council comes together the planets go over the agenda and discuss their views and opinions, the Mediators then get together and share their information with their Orator.
  Region Orator - The overall speaker for their area, these range from single planetary groups to entire Systems. As the primary voice they are the first ones asked for opinions, any information that needs added or is missed is then brought forward by the Mediators under them.
  Planet Mediator - The Mediator is elected to represent the planet, bringing forth ideas and speaking for the group. However if one of the Peacekeepers on the planet doesn't agree with the Mediator they are allowed to come forward with their own ideas.

Public Agenda

The exchange of information and management of resources between planets and species. The Peacekeepers also maintain the relations of different planets while also bringing forth and implementing new laws and regulations to the Intergalactic Code of Conduct.

Peace to the Ancients

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Political, Alliance
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The IGCP, The Council
Peacekeepers, Council member
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Democracy, Representative
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Mixed economy
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