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A metropolis, located in the Forest of Veila for which it is named, that was built around a giant lake that is so clear you can see straight through to the bottom. It's current leader is Valdious Rainfall, a quilan known for his honorable actions and swift judgement. It possess one of the largest and most elite militaries on Ethiea, yet rarely participates in battles with other kingdoms. In Veila it's taught that long ago it was founded by a follower of Miltiades, the Maker, as a last line of defense against any who would seek him out to cause harm. Additionally they fulfill the role of guiding those deemed worthy to Miltiades.   It's virtually impossible to pass through the Forest of Veila without a guide, and highly unrecommended. Since it's so big and arid, the only source of water being the lake in the city, it's easy to get lost and run out of supplies and water. The forest is also a known location of a desperado pack, an extremely territorial species that attacks any intruders it finds.   During the war it was one of the last standing kingdoms, as it is farther north and avoided becoming fully committed in the fighting until later in the war. It wasn't until the entire southern hemisphere and parts of the north were taken over before Valdious committed the full force of Veila's military to the fight, despite the wishes of many on his council. Most of them wanting to remain in Veila and protect their home and their role as guardians of Miltiades, seeing deploying the full military as unwise and abandoning their post.   Now that the war is over Valdious has committed his military and resources to helping rebuild the rest of Ethiea. Often he finds himself wondering if the war could have been minimized if he had acted sooner.


Originally established as a military outpost the demographic is a widely diverse affair. It has species from all over the planet and even some from off-world. Many of the wealthier families live closer to the lake while military and scouts live closer to the edges of the city.


Veila is currently ruled by the Rainfall bloodline, the leadership commonly passing down to the first born. However leadership can be passed down to any of the children depending on who is deemed most fit to lead. Leadership can also be transferred to a new bloodline if necessary or at the discretion of the leader.   In times that the current leader must leave Veila the responsibilities and position is temporarily transferred to a proxy that is raised and trained for this role. While in charge they possess all the same abilities and powers as the true ruler, allowing them to properly implement new laws and regulations as needed in case the leader is gone for an extended period of time.   Additional to the leader, the quilan Peacekeeper also resides in Veila. As the oldest known being on Ethiea and one of the cultural and historical keepers of the planet, he is regarded with the utmost respect and included discussions of politics and military. Providing wisdom and insight on matters he consults, he holds just much power as the ruler.   Below them is a council held by the leader. A group of people well versed in all matters and provide feedback and second opinions on laws and regulations, and the managing of the economy and resources. They also perform the task of managing and forming strategies in times stress and war. While they hold no actual power over the state, they have greater authority over and command great respect from the citizens. They are chosen the leader and can be replaced for any reason, though this doesn't happen often as they are usually selected from the close friends of the leader or high ranking military officers.


There isn't much in the way of defenses around Veila as the location provides much of it. Very few make it to Veila without a guide and those who do typically pose little to no threat.   However Veila does employ frequent patrols, both near and far reaching. Some of which are out for weeks sweeping the forest for any lost or wondering people in an effort to minimize accidental deaths of travelers.   Being home to one of the largest militaries on Ethiea, it provides a good deterrent to any would be criminals as well. Since it's so big the squadrons take turns maintaining the peace and enforcing the law.

Industry & Trade

Local artists ship artworks out be sold, some of the most popular include tapestries, as well as painted pottery and hand crafted jewelry. Veila is also home to two of the most infamous metal workers on Ethiea, known for their superior weapons used by various soldiers in the war. They are still commissioned to forge weapons and tools by others, including repair work and occasionally jewellery and locks.   A lot of supplies are imported from farther south and brought in periodically by a select few traveling merchants.


The majority of houses and businesses are built inside the trunks of living trees. The inside is hollowed out while preserving the life of the tree and creating pockets of space, or rooms. Additional building are attached to some of the trees and other free standing structures are spread throughout. There is a wide strip of undeveloped land all around the lake, giving it a buffer between the bustling city and it's pristine waters. No buildings or structures are on or allowed to be in the lake. The city is powered by solar energy collected by 'solar trees' located at the top of the canopies and around the open area of the lake where the sun has better access to them. The city is divided into districts that ring around the lake, each one containing residential and business areas.


Believed to have been originally established long ago by a follower of Miltiades as a military outpost, Veila's history is long. Quickly developing into a rather large settlement as the soldiers needed both homes and resources. This lead to not only barracks being built but forges and stores as well, as more and more people came to run these establishments the community grew as well. It didn't take long before the people took root and began to develop their own culture, and as the forest grew larger so did the gap between them and the rest of Ethiea.   This led many groups to journey into the overwhelming forest in an attempt to find both Veila and the mythical Miltiades' Forest. Over the course of the first few generations they would repel many attempts to invade and find Miltiades before the forest grew so large and dangerous that many refused enter.   It is also the home of the quilan Peacekeeper, who is so old it's rumored that he is original quilan. It's also the birthplace of Victor Rainfall, heir to Veila and an integral part of beating Erebos and winning the war.


The architecture is very fluid and natural, modeled after trees and natural formations to help blend in with the surroundings. Even the solar power generators are shaped like trees, the panels forming the leaves. The homes are decorated with muted and natural colors, mostly browns and light tan with splashes of red. Lots of clay pottery and wooden beads are used in decoration, leading to painted pots and dishes and strings of crafted beads and fallen feathers being common.


Located in the northern hemisphere in the western corner of the continent, it is surrounded by a forest that takes up a fifth of the land. It has an extremely arid climate, only raining lightly for one or two days a year. The trees are so large and old that the roots reach deep underground to reservoirs of water and are interwoven in a net that spans the Forest. They sustain and nourish the plant life around them, the smaller roots connect to the larger net and gain access to the resources farther underground.   Farther north along the coast and separating the main forest from Miltiades' Forest is a ridge of sheer mountains called aretes. Because of this it makes it impossible to sail around and land along the northern coast. The majority of the forest is rolling hills and valleys.

Natural Resources

Veila produces and exports a faux leather made from tree bark, as well as local fruits and herbs only found in Veila. Periodically small vials of water taken from the lake as well, some believe that the water is so pure that it actually has healing abilities or special properties.
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The Lake City, City on the Lake
Large city
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