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Cyht Valdious Luvir Rainfall

The current Cyht of Veila, Valdious is seen as a wise and honorable leader. Having risen to power during the war he was immediately faced with challenges, and doubts. Unsure whether he should interfere with the fighting in the south, he stuck to building the securities around Veila and the surrounding areas, and only providing monetary help to Karenwatti on the beginning.   He handled the war with grace and never lost the support of his people, even rallying them to take greater risks later in the war. His charismatic persona, and his knowledge of others was developed over the long years he spent traveling, and studying under various people. He is held as a gold standard, not because of his title, but in spite of it. Being the son of the former Cyht, a hero and natural warrior, he struggled to gain strength, but overcame his limitations through hard work.

Physical Description

Body Features

Fur - Medium length, golden brown with russet tones, and sweeping dark brown semi-broad stripes with a reddish tinge Pattern - His stripes create long sweeping motions which curl around the upper part of his limbs and have smaller dashes scattered throughout Ears - When laid flat they extend just past his shoulders and are the same color as his stripes, his ears also possess the recessive trait that cause the subtle v-shaped nick at the bottom

Special abilities

Like all quilan he can manipulate his core power through the nodes on his body and produce light energy. Through years of practice he has learned to control it and produce devastating lightning based attacks and defensive moves. Utilizing it to augment his body allows him to move with blinding speed and accuracy, however this sacrifices power.

Specialized Equipment

Valdious wields a staff used to conduct electricity and direct attacks passed down to him from his mother. It's origins are from Beross where tisu use them regularly, and is made from the natural metals found on the icy planet. It is decorated with carvings and patterns from his mother when she owned it, and adorned with hand carved beads and feathers on a few lengths of cord.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Raised to take his fathers place as Cyht, Valdious struggled to meet his expectations. Initially struggling to make progress in his physical studies he retreated into his books. Expanding his knowledge and excelling at his intellectual studies with his mother, and eventually Ceathieny. Once he had finished his studies and was old enough he left his home world in pursuit of more knowledge and the promise of adventure.   He spent years hoping between ships and transports, going where ever they happened to take him. Whenever funds got low he would pick up odd jobs at spaceports and even found himself bounty hunting a few times. Eventually he found himself on Beross where he hunted down his mother's old home and learned about the traditions and history of tisu. From here he traveled to Serpentis, a planet he had visited a few times already, and met Neriyous, another quilan.   When he finally decided to return to Ethiea he asked Neriyous to join him. Together they traveled to his home world where they went between various towns and cities, before journeying to Veila. Settling down and integrating themselves into the political world of Ethiea, and acting as council to the Cyht. Soon after they returned word reached them of a terrible war that was breaking out on the southern peninsula in the Fangris Mountains. Ten years later his father passed away and the title of Cyht was passed onto him, and two more years would see his first child conceived.   Just as he was growing comfortable in his role, their first son, Victor, was born as the war spread like wildfire. Valdious, torn, consulted his council and they reached the conclusion to avoid being drawn into the fighting as it had mostly been contained in the southern hemisphere. After the southern spaceport fell and eventually the Glasglow River region, Valdious decided to send reinforcements to the resistance that had risen to try and quell Erebos's rampage. He opened communications with the leader, Karenwatti, and allowed Veila and the surrounding area to be used as refuge for those fleeing the carnage. It was around this time that his second son, Samuel, was born. (6sy)   Sending rotating groups of soldiers to the front lines in an effort to avoid as many casualties as possible and allowing them respite and rest time, while keeping Veila as well protected as possible. It wasn't until the majority of the south, and even parts of the eastern continent, had been taken over by Erebos that Valdious fully committed his military to Karenwatti's war efforts. Going against the wishes of his council, the majority of his army was sent to help stem the tide of destruction that was fast approaching the Forest of Veila on both sides.(10ys)   This decisive move was enough to stall Erebos, and lead to a stalemate that lasted five standard years. The stalemate was finally broken by the appearance of Valdious' son, Victor, a young yet already powerful adolescent. Having left his training with Ceathieny early, he sought to help change the war, feeling as though he was being useless. (16ys)   As the war finally turned in their favor, Valdious' third and final son, Gerome, was born. It would be another five standard years before before Erebos is struck down and the war ended, allowing Valdious to recall his military and plan a new course of action to help restore Ethiea to its former glory. (21ys)   He would go on to deploy his military through out the southern hemisphere, along side Karenwatti's, in an effort to hunt down the last remaining followers of Erebos and help rebuild the destroyed towns and cities.


As first born and child of the former Cyht, Valdious had multiple teachers over his life. In the early stages he learned history from the quilan Peacekeeper, politics from his mother, and began studying the other languages of Ethiea and various subjects with her and select tutors. After he reached the second stage of development he began to learn fighting styles and how to control his core energy from the generals and his father, struggling under the weight of his expectations.   Valdious made little progress in his physical training and wasn't able to manipulate his core power at all. It wasn't until after he reached his adolescent phase and was sent to train with Ceathieny that he was able to unlock his abilities. His relationship with the Exien grew deep over the years as he learned the philosophy behind core manipulation and expanded his tactical knowledge and battle sense. When he finished his time with Ceathieny and was almost an adult he returned to Veila and his family.   He finished his studies under his mother and the Peacekeeper before leaving Veila once more and eventually Ethiea. Traveling to the library on Ethiea's moon, he stayed there for a few years studying before moving on and traveling between worlds in search of different lessons.   Through hard work and dedication Valdious managed to achieve masterful control over his core and become an accomplished fighter, however his talents and true power have always been in his mind. A true scholar and sensible ideas has lead him to favor less violent routs and seeking peace whenever possible.


Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Born to a quilan, the previous ruler of Veila, and a tisu mother from Beross, he was the first of two sons.
Current Residence
Black sclera, icy blue irises with a dark purple outer ring
Known Languages
Native language is Veilan, and is fluent in Common, Central Ethiean, Glasican, and Berossian Shyrven
Ruled Locations


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