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Northern Spaceport

One of the largest cities on Ethiea, it was built around the giant spaceport Divodaieds. The trade that comes from it brings massive amounts of wealth and plenty of jobs, moving and storing goods. It has a rich economy and an even richer cultural identity, welcoming and integrating the cultures of all the immigrants who live there creating a conglomeration of cultural sections. Entire neighborhoods consist of a single species or species from the same planet, shops lining the streets with food and items you would normally only find on their home worlds.   One of the fastest recovering cities, it's bounced back from the war rebuilding the destroyed areas swiftly and reestablishing trade routes with old business partners. It now houses thousands of homeless citizens, many of which had flocked there after being displaced, who roam the streets, looking for work and a way to retake their lives or simply carry on how they are.


A wide mix of species from off-world live in the Northern Spaceport, having moved to Ethiea or staying there on business. With plenty of on-world species as well, a particularly high number of ethieans live here, along with other larger species who work at the spaceport warehouses. The working and lower classes tend to live closer to Divodaieds while the rich higher class live nearer to the water, enjoying the view of the gulf and large estates.   As the largest city it's also home to the largest population of the homeless. Many displaced during the war ended up here after everything had settled down. Some seeking to find easy work, others looking to the metropolis for easy hiding spots and food waste, their bodies too crippled to work and no family to live with.   The largest demographic is the upper middle class, merchants and those involved in the latter half of the trade process, such as shipping, selling, or managing. Those with more prestigious jobs like the medical and science areas, technology development, education, and history. Knowledge is highly sought after on Ethiea and as such education and knowledge pursuing carers and peoples have no difficulty maintaining their lives or obtaining money.   The second largest is the lower middle class, the white and blue collar workers and some working class. Those employed in the intergalactic convoy and other security based jobs are included in this category. Most jobs fall into this class, the majority of managers and business owners providing reasonable wages and top quality benefits. The continuous flow of travelers through the city providing the level of business and goods necessary for the economy.   Thirdly is the lower class, the poor working class and financially unstable. Consisting of the hard labor, retail, and food jobs located around the base of Divodaieds, the buildings all clumped together to form a dense mix of residential and store areas. Often the ones taken advantage of by the higher class and forced to accept lower wages and endure dangerous conditions. Whether due to proximity and lack of transport or inability to be hired else where because of species or lack of qualifications. Filled with species like the desperado, who as a whole are seen as extremely aggressive, dangerous, and a liability to have around, and believed to have a lower intelligence. Those bearing any resemblance to the demons summoned by Erebos like the sinpothiean, who commonly have darker colored fur and leather wings, and any off-worlder's with the same characteristics.   Smallest of all is the higher class, the prestigious land and business owners and the few merchants who dabble in high risk and expensive items. Often occupying lavish homes and owning various lofts throughout the city, it's not uncommon to see them gallivanting through all parts of the city. While some horde their wealth, the majority of them invest it back into their workers in an effort to maintain the balance of the economy and productivity. Establishing and funding groups who help with the relief efforts, and even some local support groups for the lower class, providing monetary assistance and cheap housing projects.


The city is divided into two sets of districts, the first dividing the city into ten concentric rings, and the second dividing the city into ten 'pie slices', both radiating from the center point of Divodaieds. Equal in population, the area in each district becomes larger the farther from the center point of the spaceport they get. A single representative is elected from each group, to sit on a city council that puts together new laws and legislation, and over sees the budget. The overlapping nature of the two types of sections allows each citizen to have two representatives, both responsible for a different overall group.   The 'ring districts' are mostly comprised of a single class, so the representative shares the same economical background as the inhabitants of their area. However, since the 'ray districts' move outwards and include area at the base of the spaceport and the city limits, the representatives of these could potentially be from any of the four classes.
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