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The larger of two spaceports, it's located inside a basin along the northern coast line of the Frontier. The massive amounts of business conducted here created a rich and diverse economy around it, leading to the creation of one of the largest cities on Ethiea. Well known for it's imports of exotic foods, plant-life, and even some livestock/non-sentient creatures. The livestock is commonly bought and raised for things like fur, and other by-products that can be harvested in a humane manner, however many dispute the selling of these creatures on Ethiea as hypocritical.   Another well known import are the various types of transports brought in by the merchants. These come along with a market for spare parts and mechanics to maintain them, making Divodaieds the best and cheapest place to buy and fix any type of vehicle.

Purpose / Function

A giant spaceport used to send and receive cargo, shipments, and regulate travel on and off the planet. It acts as customs for those visiting and moving to the planet, while also providing storage space for cargo and mail in the middle of being checked in and processed before being sent out. The multilevel structure contains a giant bazaar/marketplace filled with various merchants from different planets/systems who sell merchandise that isn't allowed to be sold on planet, or unwilling to pay to check it through the rest of customs and have it sold to on-world markets. There are quite a few inns and taverns inside the spaceport as well, offering lodging and food for those waiting for their ships departure or those waiting for their papers to be cleared and allowed to proceed on to Ethiea.   Additionally the spaceport acts as a giant solar power generator, creating enough energy to power the entire station and the surrounding city and area. The excess energy is then stored and sold to other planets with weaker suns, or less advanced technology.


Originally a plain tower, the base was expanded on and the walls continuously built upwards until it reached the massive size it is now. As it grew and the solar technology became more prevalent, panels were added to the sides to begin switching over to the more reliable and consistent energy source. After the creation of the 'solar tree' technology a project was started to adapt the idea to the tower, turning it into one of the biggest power-plants ever built.   Spires were also added around the tower to house the smaller cargo ships used to move the merchandise on Ethiea. Outer ports were also added along the sides of the spaceport so that the smaller ships could be loaded at multiple bays up and down the tower, the ground-level bays being repurposed for storing land vehicles.


Originally a plain tower, it was later redesigned to look like a giant tree. The framework was redone to handle the strain of the mega-structure, using the massive trees in the Forest of Veila as a guide. Using a sturdy but flexible metal found on Ethiea and similar metals that were imported from other planets, the frame is a combination of a tri-point and spiral. This is allows it greater stability and flexibility to prevent it from snapping during sever weather.   All manner of plants and wildlife grow and live on the sides of the spaceport. When viewed from a distance this gives it a more natural look as the colors of the flowers and plants blend together with the silvery blue of the metal. At night the solar panel leaves emit a pale glow that casts a soft light on the city and removes the need for street lights.
Alternative Names
Northern Spaceport, The Divo Tree, The Tree
Megastructure, Land based


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