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"T'was a pleasant time to live in Lumière. The sea brought refreshing winds in from the shore, the shops were thriving, and the local government evolved quickly from a quaint oligarchy to a strict dictatorship. What wasn't to love about spending your life in fear of the government?"
— An entry from Jack Trade's personal diary

An Age of Corruption

Once home to about a quarter of Amity's entire population, Lumière was once dubbed the city of lights. On the outside, its awesome light fixtures would draw anyone in. But on the inside, people were longing to get out. See, before Lumière was set aflame by the infamous Jack Trade, it was one of the poorest sectors in Amity. It had discovered magic itself, but it was locked away as one of the most elite secrets. Its citizens knew full well of the magic beneath their feet but were forced to be silent or else be executed.   This was poverty-stricken Lumière for the first seven centuries of its existence. That is, until orphaned Jack Trade and Dorby the Trickster arrived at the town, looking for a better life than the one that killed their family. After his brother Dorby was executed in town square for handling illegal magic, Jack went insane. After learning dark arts and terrorizing the rest of Amity, Jack went back to Lumière and burned it to the ground. Jack was later executed at the very same location as his brother.  

A New Time

  It took years for Lumière to rebuild. But once it did, the Sagemen  at the time came clean and officially announced to the leaders of Amity that they had been harboring magic and sorcery for centuries. Not wanting it to go to waste, the leaders from Les Artistes and the science district came forward to propose that magic should be used as a medium of expression as well as to advance Amity's technologies. All three leaders from the three districts also proposed a fourth district: the magic district.   And thus, Lumière was one of the few cities that made up the newly formed district, Magiya Krepost. The government was replaced with officials mandated by the leaders of Amity to protect the magic within. Not long after, magic infiltrated the rest of Amity to which strong regulations on the number of sorcerers there were in each district were placed. Lumière was now known as the Home of Sorcery.


Lumière's local government used to be independent of Amity. It now heavily relies on Amitian government.


An invisible forcefield used to keep the sorcery within inside Lumière's borders, but now stone walls replace the ancient magical barrier and guards stand by to regulate the amount of energy that escapes.

Industry & Trade

Lumière trades with the rest of Amity in magic and sorcery lessons. However, in order to keep the amount of magic inside Amity moderated, there is a limit on the amount of sorcerers in Amity each decade.


The streets used to be filled with electricity and dazzling lights. Now, the lanterns are illuminated with mystical illumination and the radios chime in Emetian ore.


The magic it sits on.

Guilds and Factions

Lumière used to be split into Les Artistes and the Science District. It is part of the newly formed magic district, or Magiya Krepost.


People come from all over just to experience Amity's most authentic magic.


Having risen from its own ashes, citizens of Lumière live in homes that are very old.
Founding Date
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The Home of Sorcery
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