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Sagemen, selected in each district, must pass an intelligence and emotion-based test. These tests are distributed every few years.


The official way


Sagemen is an honorable rank, however, there are few things that Sagemen actually do. Often, Sagemen spend time with the leaders of Amity, helping them make decisions.


Sagemen are among the wealthiest of classes in Amity. The government pays them a considerable amount of money each year.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Each Sageman is given a set of robes that must be worn when a meeting is called with the leaders of Amity.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Sagemen are only dismissed if they believe that they are unable to perform the few tasks that come with being a part of the Sagemen. Additionally, if a Sageman is under suspicion of being unfit for their role, an additional aptitude and personality test may be issued.


These important people suffered during a period known as the Dark Days. It lasted about a decade, and during that time, the Sagemen of the History District joined together and created an independent culture. This culture would stay in hiding deep in Amity's mountains, and Amians wouldn't know to fear them until it was too late. They called themselves The Lusions, and were against Amity on all aspects of life.

Cultural Significance

Sagemen often come with different connotations, depending on the person. The poor despised them because they earned an inordinate amount of money each year just because they passed a few tests. People in power respected them because of their wisdom.
Those most skilled in politics and law, as well as those who were kindest most polite and charismatic, were selected to join the Sagemen. So, Sagemen could be from any socioeconomic class. But it was well known that Sagemen were paid generously by the government...
Academic, Honorific
Amity's government is very old, so the Sagemen were a critical part of Amity even until its defeat.
Toby Gromwell established the Sagemen very early on.
Alternative Naming
Hauties, Academics
Length of Term
Lifetime; unless a Sageman becomes unable to perform their duties.
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