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Alvez The World of Kroashent

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Before the Tear, there were two discrete realities: The mundane realm of Bedouar, and the magical world of Faerie. 1000 years ago, a great calamity struck tearing the Veil between worlds asunder and unleashing unparalleled magical chaos, tearing down and rebuilding both realities, warping the geography, history and inhabitants of both worlds into a single reality. Empires fell, mountains rose from fields and great tidal waves submerged whole kingdoms.   In the centuries since the Tear, the Fair Folk of the Otherworld and the mortals of Bedouar have lived together, fought each other and built together in a constantly evolving relationship as they work to live in the new world, magic, technology and alchemy coming together to create wonders unseen by either world.   Nowhere is this more clear than in the Northern Continent of Kornôgel, where kingdoms have risen from the Old Empire and the chaos that followed. The Bediz, the descendants of humanity, live alongside the Sidhe, the noble races of the Fortunate Isles, the Korrigan, the diminutive peoples of the West, and the Fomorians, the proud and violent sea peoples of the Far North. Still others, dragons, merfolk and Djinn, make their presence known.   But dark clouds of war are on the horizon as the great Kingdom of Neustria gathers strength against the Sidhe Queens of the Fortunate Isles. The key to this conflict is the mist-shrouded Duchy of Letha, where the Duke lies dying, the crown waiting to be claimed to tilt the balance in the upcoming struggle.   The story of Kroashent finds a group of unlikely heroes in the center of the brewing maelstrom: Kathalia Bisclavret, a disgraced crusader turned highwayman confronting a curse that slowly eats away at her humanity; Gwaeron "Gwae" Sulime Dethemir, a powerful Sidhe exile aspiring to become a merchant; Marie deCygne, a traveling storyteller with her own secrets; Morgiana, a former slave turned grifter on the run from powerful forces; Enora de Chinon, a noble knight and windship captain; and Yonec Tydorel, a forgotten prince with a great destiny. As these individuals navigate a changing world, they seek out their own goals. vendettas, and discover truths of their own identities, as dark forces, both mundane and magical, threaten to rip their worlds apart.   Kroashent is a clockpunk fantasy story, inspired by the folklore and history of Brittany, set against a backdrop of clockwork airships, ancient curses and constant change, where mermaids and pirates fight for control of the seas, lycanthropic monsters stalk the forests and constructs of living iron battle element-controlling sorcerers.