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Wan Torum Dwarf

When The Turbulence hit, The Dwarven city of Wan Torum was cut in two. They dwarves didn't want to leave their ancestral lands, so unlike many others, they stayed. Living in middle of a wild magic area has affected them enough that one can easily tell where they hail from, but not enough to make them a species of their own.     The Wan Torum Pony is only one of the things the people of Wan Torum are proud of. Instead of succumbing to the threats of wild magic, they conquered it and use it to power their houses, forges and plumbing. All weapons and magical artifacts made in Wan Torum are highly sought after by people living on the continent of Madovar
It is also not a surprise that the technological advancement has truly taken aloft in Wan Torum. It has given birth to new innovations, of which the invention of sky travel is biggest. Wan Torum hails as the birth place of airships and the city is still the leading manufacturer of airships. It also has most know-how, which is something other cultures look up to and wish to snatch to themselves, especially now that the airship business is just starting to soar.


Major language groups and dialects

Most of Wan Torum dwarves speak dwarven. Many also speak halfling, because the Wan Torum 'upstair neighbours' are halflings. Common is also common. Merchants and other educated people might speak more languages. Draconic runes are often used in crafting.

Culture and cultural heritage

Wan Torum dwarves are very proud people. They've taken the stubborness to another level, but they've been much more ready to accept and try new things than dwarves elsewhere on the continent of Madovar. Perhaps this is due The Turbulence and their need to survive after that, which meant that they had to adapt to a completely new lifestyle or move away.

Average technological level

Major organizations


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