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The Godlights of the Montlet Coast

Public Agenda

The Godlights is a group of adventurers from the Montlet Coast who serves the people and faces injustices which they can not face themselves.


The adventuring group are in possession of some high quality magic items and weapons. They are also quite rich from all the treasure they have gotten from their exploits.


The Godlights was started in A4 302 by Liam Wellswort and his friends. They were primarly adventurers who faught evil monsters and people, but were sometimes hired as mercenaries if the job felt right or was within their moral code. The group was assumed dead in A4 307 when they went to face Condrenth The Stone Guard and never returned, however, the party was never killed but rather petrified until A4 648. Everyone was later unpetrified by another adventuring party, except their warforged cleric 89.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Godlights
Notable Members


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