Condrenth The Plague King

The Plague King Condrenth

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Condrenth is a massive adult dragon. He is massive in comparison to other dragons his age almost being as big as the smallest ancient dragons. His scales were extremely thick and hard almost impenetrable by normal means. He has a giant gray horn on his nose that had lighting coursing through it when he got angry. His wings were long and had sharp scales on the ends being able to cut through anything he flew by. His body has withered much as he turned undead and his body has sustained much damage leaving little flesh and muscles. His wings are still covered in much leather, but they have too many holes for normalt flight, leading most to believe it is more magical than natural at this point.

Body Features

His entire body was covered in thick blue scales with hints of gray. His stomach had grayish-yellow scales which were just as hard. He had many sharp scales pointed out to make him look very intimidating. His neck, spine, and tail had protruding long sharp rocks.

Facial Features

His face was terrifying with giant teeth always sticking out. His eyes were big and black almost lifeless. He also had a giant horn on his nose which had crackling lighting run through it as he got mad.

Special abilities

He possessed an extremely powerful lighting breath and was also immune to petrification.

Apparel & Accessories

Condrenth has donned sharp magical plate claws that was once worn by Thorelmarakthis the Chilled Tyrant.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Condrenth was born in the Stonefields. He thrived in the environment and terrorized all creatures and people who dare enter his territory. At some point, he found an interest in basilisk and their petrification. He became the alpha of a group of them and invited them to live in his lair as his minions. He also tested himself with their petrification gaze for decades making himself immune to their effect and even going so far as altering his very own nature to stay in a form of petrification where his scales would become even harder to penetrate. Condrenth would also go on to petrify those who dared to challenge him, and those he liked the most he would keep around his lair as a form of treasure. In A4 449 Condrenth took over a village known as Stonehill and demanded that they paid tribute to him every year. This arrangement was upheld until A648 when he was killed by adventurers in Stonehill.   Condrenth's death came at a lucky moment for him, not a day after his defeat at the hands of Illidan Windsor, Yaxora Tayker and Zairo did the purple night strike. His once dead corpse was reanimated by the purple plague. His body once again rose up and he unleashed his new powers upon the residents of Stonehill and his killers. His mind was foggy and it was difficult for him to remain calm and focused, his rage after being killed and the purple plague made him go into a feral state of mind where he destroyed everything in his wake. In the chaos and destruction caused by Condrenth, his killers managed to escape, but the citizens of Stonehill were all but killed and some even reanimated as undead. Something Condrenth would come to understand was a benefit for him. After a few days in this feral state did he come out of it and find his old intelligence still intact. He was not a mindless undead unlike all other creatures affected by the purple plague. He had also recieved many benefits from his undead state. He felt no pain and needed no food or water. He could summon the purple plague as a weapon, and he could control others who were affected by it.   As Condrenth explored more and more of his new powers, he also decided to learn more and more about the former kingdom of Vacerax which ruled the Stonefield area millennia ago. His research and time spent listening to the whispers of the damned eventually led him to the ruins of Kutirax and eventually the true ruins of Vacerax. He spent much time in Vacerax with his army of undead uncovering what parts were still standing or had been long buried. The excavation was long and cost many undead for Condrenth. The excavation was eventually successful and he managed to uncover most of the ancient city including the Sovereign's Ziggurat which was rebuilt and restored for him. Other artifacts from the age of Vacerax were also discovered and put to use by Condrenth. Lost knowledge made by the dragon rulers and the mages who lived there was also uncovered and most precious of all, the city's Mythal known as Mythrax. With the power of the mythal and his connection to the purple night, Condrenth would go on to reconfigure its power to harness the purple night and use its powers for his plans. This plan was enhanced further after he created The Talani Energy Stabilizer. A device inspired by his mythal with a similar power. It was made to stabilize Talani, the moon that powers the purple night and spreads chaos magic across Aloth. The magic from the stabilizer was strong enough to siphon energy from Talani, no matter where it was. The side effect of this stabilizer was that a massive area around the Stonefields was in a constant state of purple night, reaching the kingdoms of Evlora, Revendell and Fangorn. The stabilizer was successful, but it was destroyed within a week of its uptime by the same adventurers who originally killed Condrenth. Condrenth's right hand man Jarl Skeggfor was also slain by the adventurers, Skeggfor was the only other creature to have been turned by the purple plague to maintain most of his intelligence after having been killed by Condrenth. This defeat was very costly for Condrenth but the few extra days of purple night which the machine managed to create gave him enough to cover the Stonefields in a purple night state for a month and he managed to resurrect the second ruler of Vacerak Vergunaamuranth the Blighted Queen who died almost 4000 years previously. Her life was bound to the Mythal and because of it swore loyalty to Condrenth.




Self-employed Tyrant

Failures & Embarrassments

Died to an immovable rod.

Intellectual Characteristics

Condrenth was extremely intelligent and believed in systems instead of pure carnage. He remained much the same in his undead state, though he no longer trusted the living to do his bidding.

Personality Characteristics


To become the most powerful entity in the Stonefields and rule it all.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes gold, gems, basilisks, and systems.   Dislikes chaos, heroes, behirs and giants.

Vices & Personality flaws

Prideful, egoistic, arrogant, greedy and quick to anger.


Family Ties

Religious Views

As he is an adult dragon it is assumed he follows Tiamat as most chromatic dragons do.

Wealth & Financial state

For an adult dragon, Condrenth is very rich. With his taxation of Stonehill and frequent raids on travelers, heroes, and merchants he has earned himself quite the hoard over the centuries.
Lawful Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Stone Guard, The Plague King
Year of Birth
162 490 Years old
Current Residence
Ruins of Vacerak
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark blue grayish scales
5,4 meters and 27 meters long
28 metric tons
Known Languages
Common and Draconic


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