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Monks of Vigilance


The Monks of Vigilance answers to Helm as their highest authority. But leading the monks and acting as the speaker of Helm is the Groundbreaker. The Groundbreaker is the wisest and strongest of the monks and often the monk who has served for the longest time after the last Groundbreaker either dies or retires. Under the Groundbreakers are the fully-fledged monks who all act as equals.

Public Agenda

The monks of vigilance's agenda are to fight for justice and fight for those who can not fight for themself. They act as protectors of the weak and acolytes for their god Helm following his beliefs and teachings.


The monks of vigilance do not have much in the way of gold or resources, but they have the crimson pyramid dedicated to Helm.

Fight for justice, fight for those who can not.

Religious, Monastic Order
Alternative Names
Monks of Helm
Related Ranks & Titles
Notable Members


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