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King of Evlora


Most monarchs have been adult when they take the throne, but age is not a requirement as a regent will rule if the king is to young. The title is given to the oldest child of the last monarch, if the monarch had no children it will then go to his/her siblings or their children, or in the rare case of there not being any close relatives the titles is given to the closest living relative.


The oldest child of the current monarch is raised to rule and take over the kingdom. When the title is given to a new person they must have a coronation ritual lead by the highest ranking priest of the Imperial pantheon.


The duties of the king are many. He/her must tend to council meetings, talk to the people, keep peace and make sure their kingdom is both prospering and safe.


The king of Evlora has daily meetings with the people, and weekly council meetings. There are also special events where the king/queen must attend or contribute to.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A king or queen can be removed in two ways. The Emperor of the Trugarian Empire can make a king or queen abdicate the throne if needed. The other way a king or queen can be removed is if the entire royal council agrees that it is the best action for the realm to have the current monarch step down. This law has only been used once in Evlora and it is known as the law of abjuring.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Your grace
Alternative Naming
Queen of Evlora
Source of Authority
The people gives the king his power.
Length of Term
The king or queen of Evlora can sit until they die or abdicates.
Current Holders
Past Holders
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