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Spellmarked is a magical condition that plagues several magic users and often betrayed their identity to The Warriors of the Purifying Blade.


The exact cause of Spellmarks is unknown. As far as scholars have been able to figure out, Spellmarks occur when spells are cast incorrectly somehow. The result is magical energy similar to the spell fusing with the caster leaving the caster marked or in some cases deformed. In a few rare cases, it was the target of the spell or a bystander that became marked instead.


Spellmarks appear in all sorts of different ways. For example, the bones in a creature's arm can transmute into stone. The result would cause a deformity in the creatures arms as the creature's arm muscles cannot properly support the weight and could render the arm useless. Other recorded Spellmarks and consequences are below:

  • Wings sprouted from the creatures back. Unfortunately, the wings were deformed and not large enough to allow flight. Note: Flesh Feathers are not a pretty sight.
  • One of the creature's eyes transformed into that of a much larger creature. The resulting transformation applied pressure on the creature's brain and caused a decrease in mental function.
  • A large section of a creature's skin became perfectly translucent. No further negative side effect other than being disgusting.
  • Lungs began creating smoke and ash. Did not impair breathing but constant smoke and ash billowing from their mouth did end up blinding the creature
  • The muscles and bones of a creature's leg became perfectly weightless. Caused the creature all sorts of balance issues


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