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Citizens chosen by the Emperor to govern a specific region. Salar governs their region alongside a council of citizens.


To become a Salar the person must be noble born, a member of the royal family or have done an incredible service to the Empire.


The Salar of a region is anointed by the Emperor himself.


As the representative of the Emperor, the Salar must embody the morals of the Empire and ensure that the public still have faith in the Empire.


A Salar is responsible for governing a region alongside a regional council. They hold the most power on the regional council and manages most of the affairs of the region.


Salars get to live in an estate owned by the Empire and receive a notable salary. On top of that, they hold a considerable amount of political power within their region.

Accoutrements & Equipment

A Salar is given a brooch that is unique to its specific region. This signifies their position in the region.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Emperor can remove the Salar if they are deemed unfit or believed to be abusing their power. The Emperor often has spies periodically investigate the Salars to ensure that they are acting responsibly with their power.

Cultural Significance

In the outer edges of the Empire, the Salar is seen as the region's connection to the Emperor.

Civic, Political
The title of Salar was created to assist the Emperor in governing the Empire.
Source of Authority
A Salar is authorized by the Emperor himself to act on his behalf.
Length of Term
Unless removed, a Salar can hold their position as long as they wish.
Current Holders
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