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Where there was mostly destruction and devastation left behind by the war, there was a new nation and people that rose out of the end. The Warforged were created from metal and stone and runic magic by the Dwarfs , late on in the conflict. Each had a personality, and while they would obey orders without complaint they were still indiviuals, locked into their circumstances. As well as a unique personality, there was a rune on their foreheads, that would glow like their eyes, each rune was unique, like a finger print, to the warforged and was known as a @gho   Designed to be adaptable soldiers that would be able to outsmart the magical automatons used by most armies, while still being fearless fighters who would accept orders unflinchingly.   The Fabrication Forges created them in the thousands, with units sold across the entirety of Allatar, every army had at least a battalion of them towards the end of the War.   For reasons unknown, what ever happened to end the war had a very different effect on the Warforged. Already intelligent and able to think as well as any other natural race, they were magically bonded to be loyal to their owners, with the end of The War, these bonds were broken. Roughly half of the Warforged left the battlefields, alive but disturbed by what they had witnessed and completely unable to talk about it. The other half seemed to switch off, not damaged in anyway, the light inside them seems to have faded to nothing and they have not moved or responded since, this was known as Deactivation    A large number of the Warforged have since banded together in the ruins of the city of Haggra in the east, and have formed what they call The Free Nation of the Created.

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