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The Human Kingdoms dominated the lands of Allatar, for a while before the war, the nine kingdoms were united under a common government that quickly rose to be the most powerful force on the continent. Each kingdom was ran feudally, with barons and lords owning the lands the peasants toiled in but each monarch was then part of the Great Council   By working together in this way for the good of their people, the humans commanded vast political and economic force and were finally taken seriously by the other races. The alliance was proved to be fragile, split even before the Last War had properly begun, greed and self-interest were shown to be the truest human traits.   Northen most kingdom was called Stokar   After The War ended, the human kingdoms, who were the most embroiled and involved, have been the worst effected, almost every major city or town was decimated at the end. Villages were already dying as generations of young men were snatched up to fight but without the protection of the local barons and their patrols and with no law or order to be found, the people left had to flee to find safety where they could.
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