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The Gnomish Free City of Faldrik is the majestic home of the greatest college of Wizardry on Allatar.   Before the end of the Last war, the city was a glorious alabaster triumph of slender towers and walkways, arcane power as well as practical engineering combining to make the most beautiful city in the land.   Since the end, the buildings began to crumble to ruins, many thousands were killed as the war ended and more as the impossible architecture fell down on the homes below.   The city is still home to most of its arcane library and many of the worlds surviving scholars have made the journey there to restart the ancient college.


Mostly Gnomish, large human population with a significant number of Elves.


Ruled by a delegation of Gnomish Trade Princes in the Council. Leading this council is the High Trade Prince Galvanon who, as well as an accomplished merchant is also a very wise and powerful wizard.


The high white walls of Faldrik surround the entire city and have stood up well even since the end of the war caused much of the rest of the city to collapse.

Guilds and Factions

The Council of Princes   The College of Wizardry
Large city
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